Guided Tours Vs Luxury Travel Vacation Packages

So,​ you​ have decided to​ book a​ luxury vacation. it​ is​ time to​ call your travel agent. the​ first question most travel agents will ask you​ is​ “Are you​ interested in​ a​ cruise,​ a​ tour,​ or​ a​ travel package?” you​ know that cruises are not for you,​ but what about a​ tour? And what exactly is​ the​ difference between a​ tour and a​ travel package anyways? With different definitions and inclusions,​ it​ is​ important for any traveler to​ be informed enough to​ make the​ best decision for their unique needs.


When you​ are considering booking a​ tour for your luxury travel vacation,​ keep in​ mind that “tour” implies several things. First of​ all,​ a​ tour is​ usually guided,​ and consists of​ a​ group of​ other tourists. a​ vacation package is​ usually considered a​ combination of​ flights,​ transfers,​ hotels and car rentals. if​ you​ so desire,​ you​ may add on​ minor excursions that are usually with a​ group or​ guided.


A tour is​ usually a​ really good deal. you​ get to​ stay in​ the​ nicer hotels of​ the​ areas,​ and in​ most situations,​ it​ is​ usually more than one hotel. All your transportation is​ included,​ such as​ to​ and from the​ airport and transportation to​ all the​ local sites and tours. All the​ attraction tickets are calculated into the​ price,​ so you​ will not have to​ pay entry fees to​ art museums or​ shows. There are additional tours and excursions that can be purchased,​ but usually at​ a​ reasonable price. Most tour packages will also include some meals. With your luxury travel vacation package,​ all that is​ included is​ the​ cost,​ fees and taxes of​ your air,​ hotel and car rental. Sometimes there are special availability of​ free breakfasts of​ a​ city tour,​ but this is​ not the​ norm.

Destination Studies and Personal Preference

So when does it​ benefit you​ to​ book a​ tour verses a​ vacation package? That really depends on​ the​ destination and your personal preferences. if​ you​ are planning to​ vacation in​ a​ place like Rome or​ Paris,​ there is​ so much to​ see and do that travelers are better off being escorted to​ the​ sites and having most of​ the​ entry fees included in​ your price. But if​ you​ wish to​ visit these cities to​ simply bask in​ the​ incredible ambience,​ and you​ don’t have an​ interest in​ touring the​ “big attractions”,​ then a​ luxury travel vacation package is​ for you. you​ would not want a​ guided tour of​ Jamaica or​ Hawaii. Chances are you​ just want to​ bask in​ the​ sun and relax. Consider where you​ are going and what you​ want to​ do on​ your vacation. For more information on​ luxury travel vacations visit

Now that you​ know the​ facts,​ the​ time has come to​ make a​ decision. Looking at​ the​ definitions,​ a​ tour and a​ luxury travel vacation package each offer something different. They are each priced a​ bit differently,​ and have different inclusions. So it​ comes down to​ you​ and where you​ are going. Chances are your travel agent can steer towards the​ best choice for your travel needs,​ but now you​ know why and you​ can make the​ decision for yourself.
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