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Southwest region of​ United States is​ an​ exhibition of​ myriad cultures,​ traditions,​ activities,​ events and ambience. This is​ because the​ region is​ composed of​ globally recognized states- Arizona,​ New Mexico,​ California,​ Nevada,​ Texas and Utah. Colorado too is​ often deemed to​ a​ part of​ this insignificantly harsh or​ water deficient region. According to​ many people visiting Southwest is​ akin to​ confronting the​ past. For pioneers,​ cowboys and mountain men traveled around and settled in​ this area. Also the​ southwest festivals and fairs are a​ complete reflection of​ tradition and culture. For instance if​ you​ want to​ taste the​ typical southwest region flavor,​ take part in​ the​ fairs like Texas State Fair or​ the​ 49ers festival in​ Utah.

Southwest region is​ an​ area where cultural diversity can be delighted in,​ where variety has become the​ specialty. So while Mexico has its own Mexican culture to​ greet you​ with,​ the​ Old World Spanish culture still echoes in​ California. the​ imprints of​ the​ tribes such as​ the​ Navajo,​ Apache,​ Hopi and Zuni are visible on​ the​ land of​ Southwest. One amongst the​ wonderful features of​ this area is​ that age,​ caste and sex are no bars to​ enjoy. in​ other words people of​ all ages can have a​ gala time here.

The place has everything to​ lure its visitors. From beguiling scenic splendor to​ thrilling and adventurous activities,​ it​ has all. Kids can have an​ amazing time visiting sites like Jellystone Parks,​ dinosaur digs,​ National Parks like Guadalupe Mountains national park etc. Perceiving Grand Canyon,​ one amongst the​ wonders of​ the​ world is​ definitely a​ lifetime experience for every visitor. Death Valley is​ another awesome place to​ hit. it​ is​ one of​ the​ geological wonderlands. Apart from this the​ geological formations in​ Zion National Park,​ desert terrain running alongside the​ lush mountains are a​ toast to​ eyes. Magnificent and colorful volcanic deposits can be seen at​ the​ Artist’s Palette. the​ oasis,​ warm springs,​ palm trees and cottonwoods make the​ Furnace Creek a​ place worth going. you​ can even board a​ flight and soon be a​ member of​ the​ rocking nightlife of​ Las Vegas,​ the​ place that never sleeps.

In Southwest you​ can relish rock climbing,​ mountain hiking and even skating. the​ Zion National Park and a​ few other national parks offer many hiking trails. Hiking Zion Canyons is​ also a​ breathtaking experience but meant only for skilled hikers. Ruby Mountains situated in​ northern Nevada are ideal for rock climbing. There are overhanging rocks and 800 feet tall rock towers that make rock climbing most adventurous sport so far. the​ Lamoille Canyon,​ located in​ Ruby Mountains is​ also a​ place swarming with visitors. Little Florida Mounatins are also associated with hiking. Here you​ will find trails for hiker of​ every level and the​ most bewitching aspect is​ the​ incredible view one gets to​ see after climbing on​ the​ top.

The Rockhound state Park in​ New Mexico is​ largely recognized as​ a​ picnic spot for entire family. Rockhound offers excellent camping opportunities. There are hot showers,​ bathrooms and a​ Visitor’s Center too. People love to​ do camping here because of​ the​ fascinating aura and to​ grab 15 pounds of​ agates,​ geodes and quartz that anyone can gather and take to​ home.

Since the​ southwest region is​ rich in​ dinosaur fossils and has countless rocks,​ treasure hunting is​ a​ popular activity here. Here you​ can hunt for treasures of​ all types. Dinosaur bones are found littering sand dunes and dry lakebeds. Gold can be discovered in​ California and Arizona.
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