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Being one of​ the​ most important capitals of​ the​ world,​ London ought to​ be having a​ high reputation among the​ people from all over the​ world. the​ country holds a​ very rich resource of​ history and domination over the​ entire world. Londoners can today boast of​ living in​ one of​ the​ historically most significant city of​ Europe. the​ city is​ studded with architectural wonder that remind of​ the​ engineering advancements that the​ country attained so early. the​ diverse population of​ the​ city amounts to​ a​ whopping 59 million,​ which makes it​ one of​ the​ most populated cities of​ the​ world. the​ ethnic backgrounds of​ the​ people largely vary as​ London offers some of​ the​ most lucrative job opportunities. People thus flow in​ from different parts of​ the​ world to​ find their destiny.

The city has evidences to​ shoe that it​ had human habitation for almost 22,​000 ago too and since then it​ has sheltered humans through the​ ice ages and the​ wars and the​ invasions. Julius Caesar walked in​ to​ London in​ 55 BC as​ a​ part of​ the​ Greek conquest. the​ protective walls around the​ city reminds us of​ the​ efforts that the​ city dwellers to​ withstand the​ invasion. the​ British started their domination over the​ world with the​ Norman Conquest of​ 1066. Since then the​ expanse of​ the​ British Empire grew and it​ went across the​ lands and the​ oceans. Modern history knows London as​ the​ capital of​ almost the​ whole world as​ it​ was under the​ British dominion.

Religion acts as​ a​ guiding force for the​ civilizations to​ grow. in​ London,​ religion has a​ special status for the​ people. the​ people have diversified beliefs. the​ firm position of​ Church of​ England,​ one of​ the​ oldest embodiments of​ Christianity,​ shows that the​ country still stands tall on​ the​ framework of​ religion. the​ conflicting groups of​ the​ Christians’ viz. Roman Catholics and Protestants find it​ as​ a​ missing link. How far the​ church is​ successful is​ subject to​ debate.

The aesthetic interests of​ the​ people of​ London are much refined then anywhere in​ the​ world. the​ cultural map of​ England starts with London and it​ is​ the​ centre of​ most cultural activities of​ the​ country. the​ different forms of​ music and dance have been prevalent in​ the​ country for centuries now. the​ classical music,​ operas and the​ English folk music have had a​ great impact on​ the​ people of​ the​ country. Prior to​ the​ 15th century many music legends liven in​ England and had their influence on​ the​ music. the​ pop culture took the​ country into its hold since the​ 1960s. Pop bands started to​ come up and some such bands grew to​ scale new heights in​ the​ music world.

The myths have it​ that in​ the​ many monuments in​ England many have been reported to​ be haunted by the​ ghosts of​ people who lived there and their citing are reported every now and then. it​ also gives the​ tourists a​ reason to​ be visiting the​ place. Above and beyond every thing else the​ country is​ a​ example of​ upholding the​ traditions and thus it​ becomes imperative to​ go there and fell them firsthand.
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