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Planning your business trip wisely will free you​ from lots of​ trouble. Inadequate airline seats,​ long lines,​ heavy traffic,​ and unavailable hotel rooms are just some of​ the​ problems a​ business traveler might encounter. Despite the​ emergence of​ e-commerce,​ businessmen still travel more often for sales and business shows. Here are some tips to​ make your business travel a​ successful one:

1. Plan your business trip long before you​ leave the​ office.

2. Always prepare a​ travel bag with complete necessities to​ be used on​ any emergency trips.

3. Bring some ready to​ eat foods,​ it​ will save you​ a​ substantial amount of​ money,​ considering the​ high cost of​ foods in​ hotels.

4. Be sure to​ have a​ buffer time between your flight and your scheduled meeting.

5. Choose aircraft that has better seats with ample leg room.

6. Put all your valuable materials in​ a​ small carry-on bag.

7. When calling your main office,​ use the​ 800 numbers as​ much as​ possible because it's much cheaper.

8. if​ you're a​ businesswoman,​ it​ is​ important to​ dress well. Additionally,​ you​ must bring casual clothes for your free time.

Not all hotels have inexpensive telecommunication systems from their rooms,​ so always choose your hotel's business floor,​ for these rooms are made especially for business traveler. These rooms should have dual telephone/modem lines,​ fax machine,​ and free communications between rooms. in​ order to​ save money on​ calls,​ use your calling card and place calls through your country's long-distance carrier or​ find a​ pay phone in​ the​ hotel's lobby. if​ available,​ use a​ nearby business center for your fax needs since fax service within your room will probably cost more.

These days,​ a​ business traveler has to​ bring a​ lot of​ electronic equipment such as; cell phones,​ electronic organizers,​ laptop computers,​ etc. Here are some suggestions on​ how to​ keep your expensive business items safe:

1. Put your laptop inside a​ bag that will not indicate that there's a​ laptop inside. the​ same works well for other equipment such as​ camera,​ electronic organizer,​ etc.

2. Don't expose your laptop to​ x-ray scanners at​ the​ airport security check,​ rather have it​ checked manually. X-rays could damage your electronic equipment.

3. Don't place your laptop on​ the​ aircraft's overhead bins; instead place it​ near your seat or​ under the​ seat in​ front of​ you.

4. Always bring extra batteries for your equipment.

Today's business travelers are enjoying much comfort compared to​ their counterparts a​ few decades ago. Low airfare,​ plenty of​ airlines to​ choose from,​ communication equipment (especially cell phones and laptops) make modern day business travelers more efficient. Even on​ a​ business trip,​ parents can always be with their family members and co-workers can still get in​ touch with their office work,​ at​ least virtually.
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