Glasgow Tourist Information And Travel Guide

There are few better places to​ enjoy a​ taste of​ Scotland’s charm than in​ our largest city,​ Glasgow. With a​ population of​ 620,​000 people situated in​ 68 square miles of​ west central Scotland along the​ banks of​ the​ River Clyde the​ city occupies much of​ the​ lower Clyde Valley incorporating suburbs – with an​ overall population of​ 1.4 million people – which extend into surrounding districts.

If shopping is​ your thing,​ you've come to​ the​ right place. Glasgow's reputation for retail shopping is​ well deserved - and,​ whatever your taste,​ you​ are sure to​ find something to​ suit. Buchanan Street,​ Buchanan Galleries,​ Argyle Street and St Enoch Centre are full of​ the​ big high street names. Princes Square,​ the​ Italian Centre and the​ Merchant City have a​ more design-led offering. And for something a​ little bit different,​ pop into the​ West End. Byres Road and surrounding streets offer an​ eclectic mix of​ the​ new and the​ antique - perfect for an​ unusual gift or​ a​ lazy afternoon's browsing.

Glasgow's cosmopolitan nature is​ steeped in​ the​ city's heritage. Glasgow's international reputation for shipping and industry brought considerable wealth to​ the​ city,​ as​ can be seen from stunning architecture - a​ rich tapestry of​ styles and influences,​ with Victorian sandstone rubbing shoulders with gothic spires,​ and classical edifices beside contemporary structures.

Unsurprisingly,​ a​ number of​ the​ city's museums celebrate Glasgow's architectural heritage or​ the​ cultural wealth amassed during the​ shipping heyday. the​ Museum of​ Transport,​ the​ Burrell Collection,​ Glasgow School of​ Art (and the​ city's many other Macintosh treasures) and Kelvingrove art gallery and museum contrast nicely with the​ more contemporary: the​ Lighthouse,​ Gallery of​ Modern Art and the​ Science Museum.

Forget those nasty rumours - Glasgow offers a​ wealth of​ different cuisines,​ to​ suit a​ range of​ different budgets. From award-winning restaurants to​ noodle bars,​ brassieres to​ old fashioned tea rooms,​ the​ only problem you​ will have is​ deciding where to​ go.

If you​ are just popping out for a​ drink,​ choose from coffee shops,​ style bars,​ wine bars or​ good old fashioned pubs. Many lay on​ music or​ entertainment,​ especially during one of​ the​ festivals,​ and Oran Mor (Byres Road) even offers one-hour plays at​ lunchtime!

Gyms and healthclubs are scattered throughout the​ city,​ as​ are facilities for racquet sports,​ field and track,​ swimming,​ football,​ rugby and ice skating.

If you​ enjoy skiing,​ there are dry slopes at​ Bearsden and Bellahouston,​ and the​ upcoming real snow slope at​ Xscape at​ Braehead. a​ few hours in​ the​ car will take you​ to​ ski resorts at​ Aviemore,​ Glencoe or​ Glenshee - amongst others.

Golf is​ also available throughout the​ city,​ and the​ world famous courses at​ Troon,​ Loch Lomond and St Andrews are within easy reach.

Some of​ the​ country's best sailing waters are just outside the​ city,​ with marinas at​ Ardrossan,​ Largs,​ Inverkip and Rhu.

Hillwalking,​ climbing,​ mountain biking,​ horse riding,​ canoeing,​ windsurfing,​ clay pigeon shooting and other sports and activities can all be found in​ Greater Glasgow and surrounding areas.

Some of​ country's most beautiful scenery is​ within easy reach of​ Glasgow. Loch Lomond National Park and the​ Trossachs are within 30 minutes' drive,​ whilst the​ West Highland Way begins at​ Milngavie,​ just outside the​ city's northern limits. the​ Ayrshire coast or​ New Lanark make for good family days out.

Pop through to​ Edinburgh by car or​ on​ the​ train - the​ journey is​ less than an​ hour - to​ visit the​ castle,​ or​ travel further afield to​ explore the​ Highlands and Islands.

Whether you​ are interested in​ eating out,​ shopping,​ sports,​ architecture or​ art,​ Glasgow will have something for you​ to​ enjoy during your visit. a​ warm welcome awaits all the​ tourists.

This is​ my first guide covering all the​ places that a​ tourist should visit in​ Glasgow. in​ my second article I will provide more information as​ well as​ a​ little bit of​ history. Watch this space!
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