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Restaurants and Bars - you​ do not get water for free,​ you​ have to​ pay for it. if​ you​ order water you​ will get carbonated water. in​ most restaurants you​ can request tap water and they may or​ may not charge you​ but it​ is​ most likely straight from the​ sink. in​ some American fast food restaurants,​ (i.e. McDonalds) you​ must pay for ketchup as​ well. Be aware that the​ menus at​ most fast food restaurants in​ Germany are not exactly the​ same. you​ may also notice that a​ sandwich that you​ recognize from back home may taste a​ little different or​ it​ could be smaller. When you​ enter a​ restaurant you​ will not be seated,​ just walk right in​ and pick the​ table of​ your choice!- the​ tip should be much smaller than you​ would give in​ the​ States (this is​ because the​ waiters/waitresses get paid more than in​ the​ states) a​ tip of​ two or​ three EUR would be considered a​ good tip for very good service.

Supermarkets - if​ you​ shop for groceries in​ Germany you​ will notice the​ supermarkets have all of​ their large rolling carts outside in​ a​ designated area and they are locked to​ one another. in​ order to​ utilize a​ cart you​ must place one EUR in​ the​ cart itself,​ you​ will see the​ slot on​ the​ handle. Upon leaving the​ supermarket you​ latch the​ cart back to​ the​ other carts and pull the​ device out where you​ placed the​ coin,​ now you​ can retrieve your coin. When you​ have all of​ the​ groceries you​ want,​ proceed to​ the​ check-out counter. you​ will have to​ purchase plastic bags to​ put the​ groceries in​ or​ you​ can take one in​ yourself. if​ you​ decide to​ purchase one they are usually visible at​ the​ counter and normally only cost a​ few cents. if​ there is​ a​ long line do not put all of​ your groceries in​ the​ bag,​ put them back into the​ cart and bag them away from the​ line.

Closing hours - on​ Sunday everything is​ closed except for some restaurants,​ bars,​ gas stations and shops at​ the​ main train station and bigger airports. Some bigger stores are realizing that they can make much more money if​ they open on​ Sunday so they are doing just that,​ but I would not rely on​ it. During the​ week shops in​ bigger cities close at​ 8 PM at​ the​ latest. you​ may see shops in​ smaller cities closing even earlier.

Public Phones - Public phones are very rare in​ Germany. if​ you​ find one you​ will notice that they only take telephone cards. you​ can buy a​ telephone card in​ different shops like "T-Punkt",​ "Telekom",​ "Post",​ and "Vodafone" or​ you​ can go to​ an​ Internet cafe.

Miscellaneous - "Bad" in​ front of​ a​ towns name does not mean that the​ people or​ the​ city is​ bad for example,​ "Bad Homburg". Bad in​ front of​ a​ towns name normally means that the​ town is​ designated as​ a​ healthy location normally with very clean air and water.
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