Five Money Saving Travel Tips For Small Businesses

Five Money-Saving Travel Tips for Small Businesses
Saving money is​ a​ priority for any business,​ especially a​ small business.
Small businesses often need every break and discount they can get,​ and traveling can be one of​ the​ most costly areas for small businesses .​
Unfortunately,​ many of​ the​ best travel advantages only go to​ big businesses .​
To help your business compete,​ here are a​ few tips to​ make your traveling expenses a​ little more palatable.
* Search for cheap airfares .​
Internet search engines provide a​ great resource for cheap fares .​
Be sure to​ get on​ these sites' e-mail lists so you​ stay abreast of​ specials.
* Avoid alcohol .​
Drinking alcohol at​ meals can boost your bill .​
Stay away from adult beverages and you​ will be much happier when the​ check arrives.
* Stay in​ and watch a​ movie .​
By simply staying in​ your room at​ night and not going to​ bars or​ nightclubs,​ you​ can save yourself a​ lot of​ cash.
* Use free time for free attractions .​
Instead of​ heading to​ the​ golf course,​ go to​ a​ museum .​
Free attractions can be enlightening and easy on​ the​ wallet.
* Look for a​ deal on​ your rental car .​
You may want to​ join a​ discount program for car rental.
Car rental discount programs for business have traditionally only been offered to​ large businesses .​
But now,​ Thrifty's SmartBiz program is​ breaking new ground as​ the​ first car rental discount program designed specifically for small businesses.
With a​ SmartBiz account,​ you'll get low business rates with no minimum financial commitment .​
a​ free SmartBiz account also gets you​ unlimited miles,​ free additional drivers,​ free enrollment,​ no fees,​ no dues and no contracts .​
The account offers one free day of​ car rental after every 16 rental days with no blackout dates.
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