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The land of​ the​ Pharaohs. the​ child of​ the​ Nile. Call it​ by any name but the​ mystic land never ends to​ attract the​ greatest people to​ it. It’s the​ country,​ which is​ home to​ the​ oldest civilization of​ the​ world. the​ magnanimity and the​ grandeur of​ the​ Egyptian civilization is​ what make it​ the​ traveler’s paradise. the​ popularity of​ the​ place is​ mainly because of​ the​ great pyramids at​ Giza. These architectural and construction wonders have made a​ firm footing in​ the​ list of​ the​ Seven Wonders of​ the​ World. And that is​ not all. the​ pyramids are present at​ other places too. the​ famous statue of​ the​ Sphinx is​ also there in​ Giza. the​ fertility of​ the​ Nile Basin is​ the​ main reason why the​ greatest civilization could thrive there.

The capital city of​ Cairo is​ also an​ international hub now. the​ city is​ a​ smooth blend of​ culture and modernization. the​ city has the​ greatest business centers and the​ best infrastructure in​ the​ country. Ancient museums and art galleries adorn this city. the​ city holds the​ distinction of​ being the​ oldest in​ the​ world. the​ best way to​ travel around the​ city is​ on​ foot. This gives the​ inquisitive tourist ample time to​ see each structure. But for the​ people wit less time,​ transportation is​ easy in​ the​ city. Many mosques are there and they give an​ impression of​ the​ grandeur of​ architecture.

The great desert surrounds the​ country and the​ most important sources of​ life in​ the​ desert are the​ oases. These are the​ fertile lands in​ the​ middle of​ the​ desert,​ which are used for agriculture and cultivation. They are the​ cradles of​ life in​ the​ very challenging weathers of​ the​ desert. the​ Dakhla,​ the​ Siwa are some of​ the​ oases locations where the​ Egyptian people cultivate. the​ nomads of​ the​ desert find a​ resting place in​ the​ oases. the​ Foyum is​ a​ large oasis and is​ the​ source of​ salt. Many tourists from Islamic and non-islamic countries come to​ visit the​ country.

Mount Sinai is​ one of​ the​ sacred spots of​ the​ country. it​ was the​ place where Moses gave the​ famous TEN COMMANDMENTS to​ his disciples and explained them the​ message of​ the​ God. the​ place is​ known for its religious importance. the​ place is​ lined by the​ Red Sea,​ which houses very beautiful coral reef,​ and it​ offers fantastic geographic beauty. Apart from the​ religious pursuits the​ city also offers the​ best shopping hubs and showrooms. the​ city is​ never short of​ new things to​ show. But the​ spots of​ religious and historical importance remain the​ most visited. There are many water parks that offer joy rides and other entertainment offers. the​ cities of​ Egypt are always bustling with activity and the​ bird watchers can find the​ natural beauties around Lake Nasser. the​ country fulfills all the​ expectations of​ the​ visitors completely. the​ most important point remains the​ preservation of​ the​ cultural heritage and that had to​ in​ the​ hands of​ the​ residents.
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