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Thailand is​ the​ place where many people would love to​ go to. Due to​ its warm climate and beautiful natural resource,​ such as​ mountaineer geography in​ the​ north,​ and coastal beach in​ the​ east and the​ south. We are going to​ look at​ the​ eastern region,​ which Pattaya city is​ located. you​ may have heard a​ bit or​ have been there before if​ you​ had a​ chance to​ visit Thailand. it​ is​ the​ place where a​ lot of​ tourist would like to​ visit and it​ has millions of​ visitors each year. This is​ due to​ its beautiful beach and night life which give people endless enjoyable activities.

However,​ for someone who want to​ visit Thailand or​ Pattaya at​ the​ first time,​ they may want to​ visit some information resource that provide info about Pattaya travel guide and there are a​ lot of​ websites provide comprehensive information such as​ the​ website of​ Tourism Authority of​ Thailand (TAT) or​ you​ may want to​ visit lonelyplanet.com can also be used as​ a​ information reference.

Even though Pattaya gain it​ reputations from its beach and night life but there are also many tourist attractions that tourist could have activity with. For example,​ there has been an​ fish aquarium that recently opened and this aquarium is​ the​ largest in​ Southeast Asia region. Apart from that,​ you​ can enjoy activities like rock climbing,​ hiking or​ even just ordinary relaxing on​ the​ beach.

Hotel accommodation in​ Pattaya also offers excellent service. you​ can find wide range of​ hotel types available for all of​ budget availability. Top luxurious hotels provide very private environment and services so you​ can be sure that your holiday will not be disturbed. Massage and beauty service in​ Pattaya are also gain reputation,​ particularly traditional Thai massage and facial therapy massage in​ Thai ancient style,​ which you​ will experience of​ using traditional Thai herbs to​ cure disease through elaborated massage method.

Pattaya is​ divided into three different parts; North Pattaya,​ Central Pattaya and South Pattaya. Each area has unique characteristics such as​ beach and travel attraction. North Pattaya is​ close to​ other attractions near by such as​ Sila Village where produce mortars or​ if​ you​ would like to​ enjoy city life and beautiful beaches,​ you​ have to​ visit Central Pattaya.

People and environment in​ Pattaya are also very pleasant. Even though it​ is​ a​ place that has more urban area than suburb area but there still be a​ good environment and very less of​ pollution. People are also very friendly and always willing to​ help all of​ the​ tourists.

Even though there are a​ lot of​ travel guide for Pattaya available on​ the​ internet,​ some in​ Thai and some in​ English language,​ but you​ have to​ compare all the​ detail with two or​ three different websites and choose the​ most update and reliable one. Otherwise you​ may get the​ wrong or​ out of​ date information. And as​ a​ result you​ may get lost or​ miss some important information that may lead you​ to​ trouble during the​ visit and you​ will find that you​ have to​ return to​ this place once again.
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