Contact Lens Travel Guide 5 Easy Tips To Enjoy Vacation With Contacts On

So,​ all set to​ go on​ a​ leisure trip? Surely,​ your contact lenses are a​ part of​ the​ baggage. Quite certainly they are a​ great convenience on​ a​ vacation. you​ can move around and enjoy freely without having to​ care about the​ glasses. Whenever you​ like,​ you​ can take a​ plunge without worrying. That's the​ rosy part. However,​ contact lenses may also be vacation spoilers if​ you​ are careless. So,​ take care of​ a​ few things and your vacation will be a​ heavenly one.

1. Keep a​ spare pair of​ contacts with you. Even if​ you​ do not wear the​ frequent replacement kind,​ you​ must carry another pair of​ contact lenses. Say,​ your lenses get damaged or​ lost in​ the​ middle of​ the​ vacation. it​ would really be a​ painful spoiler if​ you​ had to​ go from shop to​ shop looking for a​ pair of​ lenses. Better be prepared. Now,​ if​ you​ use disposable lenses,​ take a​ good supply of​ them with you​ so that you​ never fall short of​ them.

2. Lens case and solution are inseparable companions of​ the​ lenses. So,​ when you​ pack your bags,​ make sure they are a​ part of​ the​ baggage.

3. Contacts work well for swimmers. However,​ it​ is​ important that they do not come in​ contact with water because it​ contains a​ number of​ bacteria that can get into your eyes and cause infection. So,​ while swimming,​ wear tight goggles to​ prevent its contact with water. And if​ water finds its way into your eyes,​ take the​ contacts off as​ soon as​ you​ can and clean them so that the​ problematic organisms get done away with.

4. There are certain contact lenses that are capable of​ blocking the​ UV rays,​ but that is​ not enough because the​ lenses cover only a​ small area of​ the​ eyes and do not reduce glare. So,​ you'll still need goggles for better protection against sun damage and sun glare. Better still,​ wear a​ sun hat as​ well for additional protection.

5. When you​ are on​ a​ flight,​ take the​ contacts off and put your glasses on​ because the​ environment inside the​ plane makes the​ lenses dry. on​ dehydrating,​ they start absorbing moisture from the​ eyes,​ which can leave your eyes dry. Besides,​ many people have the​ tendency to​ doze off in​ the​ plane. And sleeping with your contacts on​ is​ certainly not recommended. Therefore,​ it​ is​ safer to​ put the​ glasses on.

These are very simple precautions that do not take too much of​ effort but are very useful in​ warding off unwanted botheration during the​ vacation.
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