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Welcome to​ the​ Travel Guide & Tourist Information for Chesterfield.

Chesterfield is​ a​ historic market town and is​ situated north of​ Derby near the​ rivers Rother and Hipper. Traveling to​ Chesterfield whether by road or​ rail is​ fairly straight forward. Chesterfield is​ Derbyshire's largest town and is​ located just off the​ A617 which is​ Junction 29 of​ the​ M1.There are train main land train services to​ London,​ Sheffield,​ Newcastle,​ Birmingham,​ Bournemouth and Edinburgh ,​Liverpool,​ Nottingham and Norwich.

Chesterfield is​ best known for its "Crooked Spire" at​ the​ Church of​ Saint Mary and All Saints. the​ leaning characteristic is​ believed to​ be the​ result of​ the​ absence of​ skilled craftsmen,​ possibly due to​ the​ Black Death as​ this happened only 12 years previous. There have been other reasons given however. One is​ that the​ spire was so shocked to​ learn of​ the​ marriage of​ a​ virgin in​ the​ church that it​ bent down to​ get a​ closer look. it​ is​ said that if​ this were to​ happen again,​ the​ spire will straighten and return to​ its true position. Another saying is​ that a​ Blacksmith from Bolsover mis-shod the​ Devil,​ who then leaped over the​ spire in​ pain,​ knocking it​ out of​ shape.

Chesterfield received its market charter in​ 1204 from King John and now has one of​ the​ largest open air markets in​ Britain and the​ stalls are either side of​ the​ Market Hall,​ which in​ its own right,​ is​ a​ historical building. in​ the​ middle of​ town there is​ a​ collection of​ old and narrow streets that make up "The Shambles",​ which houses one of​ Britain's oldest pubs.

There are plenty of​ shopping opportunities in​ Chesterfield. Vicar Lane was redeveloped in​ 2000 and was made into a​ pedestrianised,​ open-air shopping area. This resulted in​ most of​ the​ existing buildings being demolished. in​ the​ process two new streets were created in​ their place and there are now plenty of​ major brands,​ such as​ Woolworths,​ Marks and Spencers,​ Co-Op and Argos to​ choose from.

Other developments include a​ large area,​ between the​ Low Pavements and New Beetwell Street being completely flattened in​ the​ 1980’s to​ build "The Pavements" shopping centre,​ better known by local residents as​ "The Precinct". This is​ where you​ will find the​ larger shops including Somerfield,​ Boots and WH Smiths. it​ has entrances opposite Chesterfield Market and also escalators lead down to​ New Beetwell Street.

There is​ also a​ multi-storey car park which was built at​ the​ same time. Chesterfield Library's main entrance is​ also located just outside the​ Pavements and at​ another exit you​ will find the​ local McDonald's. Despite all this development,​ Chesterfield has retained its character and much of​ its town centre from the​ pre-war era.

Chesterfield has lots to​ offer in​ the​ Leisure and Entertainment Industry. the​ Queens Park is​ located within the​ town centre and on​ the​ outskirts of​ the​ park is​ the​ Queens Park Leisure Center which has a​ good size swimming pool and gym. There are also several indoor courts (for a​ variety of​ sports) and outdoor tennis courts too. There are plenty of​ Gymnasium Clubs for those wishing to​ keep fit. All of​ this plus Bowling,​ Golf and even Ice Skating,​ in​ Sheffield,​ which is​ only about 20 minute’s drive from Chesterfield.

Travel time to​ Sherwood Forest is​ only 30 minutes by car. There are several night clubs located around the​ town,​ predominantly towards "Holywell Cross Car Park" and there are many bars scattered around the​ town including the​ infamous "Brampton Mile" which has 13 pubs on​ a​ one mile section of​ Chatsworth Road. it​ is​ traditional that anyone "doing the​ mile" has at​ least one drink in​ each pub.

The Winding Wheel is​ a​ multi-purpose venue,​ hosting concerts,​ exhibitions,​ conferences,​ dinners,​ family parties,​ dances,​ banquets,​ wedding receptions,​ meetings,​ product launches and lectures. Famous acts to​ appear recently include the​ Manfreds,​ Patrick McGuiness and even the​ Sooty Show

"The Pomegranate" theatre is​ a​ listed Victorian building,​ with a​ small auditorium,​ seating around 500 people. a​ variety of​ shows are performed throughout the​ year.
Both venues are owned by Chesterfield Borough Council,​ and the​ box office for both is​ located in​ the​ entrance area of​ the​ theatre.

The Chesterfield Museum and Revolution House are also both run by the​ local Authority and both hold regular free events throughout the​ year.

If you’re feeling hungry there’s plenty to​ choose from. This includes Chinese,​ Indian and Thai restaurants and plenty of​ takeaways not forgetting of​ course good old Fish and Chips.

With all of​ these different events,​ the​ wide range of​ market stalls and shops as​ well as​ the​ activities at​ the​ local Football ground Chesterfield has lots going for it​ and is​ a​ perfect destination point for tourists.

For tourists arriving for the​ first time,​ there is​ a​ lot to​ see and do. in​ this travel guide (tourist information part 1) I have provided some basic information and a​ brief guide to​ Chesterfield. My travel guide part 2 will look at​ the​ tourist attractions in​ a​ lot more detail.
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