Central America Travel Guide

The Central American countries stand out from the​ rest of​ Americas. There rich history and breathtaking scenic beauty makes them the​ favorite place to​ visit all the​ year round. With a​ blend of​ south and North America the​ countries like Nicaragua,​ Costa Rica,​ and Panama etc. give the​ continent the​ finishing touches and add to​ the​ diversity of​ the​ Americas. the​ area is​ always buzzing with activity since ages. the​ natural and tectonic activity used to​ shake the​ place in​ the​ ancient times. the​ rich history of​ the​ place reminds the​ people of​ the​ numerous settlements that took place in​ the​ region and today the​ political scene in​ these countries is​ ever dynamic. Thus the​ over all profile of​ the​ place is​ quite versatile and inviting.

On of​ the​ main features of​ the​ place are remains of​ the​ historically important Mayan civilization. it​ made a​ substantial part of​ the​ Central American history and still the​ reminiscent of​ the​ past stand as​ majestic as​ they might have been. the​ tourists are filled with a​ gush of​ adrenaline when they walk through the​ corridors of​ the​ ancient Mayans. the​ central markets of​ the​ city stand in​ all their grandeur majesty. the​ ruins show that the​ city was an​ urban hub and the​ people were pursuing agriculture as​ their main occupation. They were socially advanced people and their urban centers were the​ venues for dancing singing and many recreational activities. One can hear the​ echoes of​ the​ past standing in​ the​ middle of​ the​ large citadels.

The advancement in​ the​ Central American region is​ mainly due to​ the​ buzzing political scene and the​ awareness about the​ rights. the​ people are highly conscious about the​ protection of​ environment and great efforts are put in​ to​ preserve the​ rich environmental heritage. the​ Central American countries have entered in​ to​ a​ free trade pact as​ per which they are to​ let the​ others allow certain facilitations of​ trade in​ their trade. Popularly known as​ the​ CAFTA,​ it​ has proved to​ be a​ boon to​ the​ countries’ economies.

The Central American region is​ known for its volcanic abundance. Each country homes many volcanoes and many of​ them have erupted in​ the​ recent past. the​ tectonic rumblings are commonplace and it​ creates a​ lot of​ alarm in​ the​ people’s minds. the​ volcanoes are one feature that distinguishes the​ region form the​ rest of​ Americas and it​ adds to​ the​ mystic and magical image of​ the​ Central America.

But there’s one threat that has caused a​ lot of​ trouble in​ the​ region. the​ trade of​ drugs has entangled the​ region in​ to​ the​ grip of​ heavy crime. the​ world’s greatest drug trade can be found in​ this region. the​ roots of​ this criminal activity are deep seated and it​ has caused a​ lot of​ disturbance at​ the​ local level. But the​ comforting fact is​ that the​ regions attraction is​ overpowering on​ the​ drug threats. And the​ travelers are not threatened by these and keep on​ coming to​ the​ place with all zeal. And in​ the​ years to​ come this region will catch up with the​ rest of​ the​ world.
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