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All there is​ to​ know about the​ vacation destination of​ your dreams – that is​ exactly what a​ Caribbean travel guide offers. But are Caribbean travel guides really godsend? or​ are they just patronizing materials designed for commercial purposes?

Well,​ they’re a​ little of​ both actually. After all,​ the​ people behind Caribbean travel guides do need a​ source of​ income in​ order to​ continue to​ publish their guides. But a​ tremendous amount of​ research has been placed in​ these guides to​ just dismiss them as​ useless resource material.

What else is​ more nifty,​ informative and convenient than a​ Caribbean travel guide?

Sure,​ the​ Internet may prove more updated when it​ comes to​ information,​ but you​ can’t carry the​ Internet everywhere. And believe it​ or​ not,​ it’s always much more gratifying to​ pull out a​ Caribbean travel guide from your carry case,​ flip a​ few pages open,​ then slip it​ right back when you’re tried of​ reading. it​ sure beats having to​ wait in​ the​ airport,​ sitting bored silly and wondering whether or​ not your flight’s going to​ be delayed.

That said,​ don’t cling to​ travel guides religiously. Many travelers make that mistake. They are not the​ bibles that they are made out to​ be by some people. you​ should know that published materials,​ including travel guides,​ are out of​ date the​ moment they are published,​ because by then,​ there would have been new updated material that came up and it​ would be too late to​ include them.

So,​ how are you​ supposed to​ use Caribbean travel guides then? How would you​ know which information to​ believe and which facts are outdated? Unfortunately,​ there is​ no exact answer to​ that. to​ get the​ most out of​ your Caribbean travel guide,​ use them sparingly for basic orientation. So once you​ have the​ basics right down to​ a​ tee,​ go out there and discover the​ towns and cities on​ your own. That is,​ after all,​ what traveling is​ all about – adventure and discovery of​ new things. at​ the​ very least,​ when all other signs look foreign,​ the​ information on​ museums and places of​ interest are great.

However,​ when it​ comes to​ hotels and restaurants,​ each to​ his own taste and budget. Remember that bargains rise in​ price with popularity,​ so there’s every bit of​ chance that that hot new deal in​ your Caribbean travel guide isn’t much of​ a​ deal anymore,​ considering how pricey it​ has become. And then sometimes,​ too,​ the​ places get easily full with foreigners and travelers like you,​ so you​ can’t always expect your Caribbean travel guide to​ point you​ in​ the​ right place all the​ time.

Then,​ if​ you​ do wander around on​ your own,​ then you​ will surely find quality rooms with reasonable prices. They may be located in​ out-of-the-way places that Caribbean travel guide writers may not know about. Remember that because you​ in​ the​ destination,​ you​ are in​ far better place to​ get what you​ want out of​ your vacation.

So to​ close it​ off,​ don’t be a​ sad type who writes to​ say that “it wasn’t like what you​ said in​ the​ book.” Here’s a​ tip: open your eyes and explore for yourself!
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