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The London Borough of​ Camden includes a​ vast area of​ London covering of​ inner London,​ north of​ the​ West End and City of​ London. the​ area spans 22 square km and covers many vibrant areas such as​ Covent Garden,​ Holburn,​ Hampstead and King’s Cross.

It is​ quite a​ new borough and only created in​ 1965 when the​ three metropolitan boroughs were combined. the​ three metropolitan boroughs were called Hampstead,​ St. Pancras and Holborn. Since this time,​ there has been huge development and expansion which has benefited residents,​ businesses and tourists.

The borough encompases a​ range of​ postcodes and area including N1 (Angel and King's Cross ),​ N6 (Fortune Green,​ Highgate,​ Kilburn and West Hampstead ),​ N7( Islington ),​ NW1 (Somers Town,​ Camden Town,​ Kings Cross,​ Primrose Hill and Regents Park ),​ NW3 (Swiss Cottage,​ Hampstead,​ Belsize Park and Gospel Oak),​ NW5 (Kentish Town,​ Gospel Oak and Queens Crescent),​ NW6 (Kilburn,​ West Hampstead and South Hampstead),​ NW8 (Regents Park and St John's Wood),​ W1 (Central London),​ WC2 (West End) and WC1 (Fitzrovia and Bloomsbury).

With regard to​ commercial interests,​ the​ borough is​ home to​ universities like the​ University College London and hospitals such as​ Royal Free Hospital. There is​ an​ array of​ businesses and the​ area has around 14,​000 small medium and large sized companies. These businesses have many different interests and you​ can find anything you​ want here.

If you​ want high street shops,​ you​ can go to​ Tottenham Court Road,​ Covent Garden and Camden Town. if​ you​ are looking for something a​ little more off the​ beaten track go to​ Camden Market and Stables Market with its vibrant and eclectic mix of​ small food stalls and shops. you​ can find crafts,​ clothes antiques,​ and jewellery here and the​ weekends are generally the​ busiest days.

The London borough of​ Camden is​ known as​ this great city’s cultural district and is​ a​ fantastic place to​ stay. it​ has great accommodation whether you​ are coming for a​ holiday,​ a​ short city break or​ a​ business trip. you​ can find hotels ranging from 5 stars to​ your small bed and breakfasts that are comfortable and cheap. Many of​ the​ small independent hotels can be found in​ most areas of​ the​ borough,​ however,​ for the​ more exclusive hotels,​ you​ will need to​ look in​ busy areas such as​ Covent Garden,​ Hampstead and Regents Park.

The best way to​ travel is​ by public transport as​ the​ borough has excellent bus and underground facilities. as​ the​ area is​ so vibrant and so full of​ life,​ the​ transport system needs to​ keep up with the​ sheer volume of​ people. This is​ done by a​ well maintained underground and bus system which links to​ any part of​ London.

Moving on​ to​ bars and restaurants,​ you​ can find all sorts of​ places to​ suit all types of​ needs. a​ range of​ cuisines can be found from Italian to​ Indian,​ Chinese to​ Middle Eastern and Thai to​ Mexican. Furthermore,​ this wide array of​ cuisine can be found in​ all the​ different areas within the​ London borough of​ Camden. For a​ great nightlife,​ you​ can find very upmarket bars to​ laid back,​ relaxed pubs. Angel,​ Hampstead,​ Primrose Hill and the​ West End are the​ best areas to​ find good nights out and a​ great atmosphere.
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