Budget Travel Tips For Your Thanksgiving Road Trip

Your annual road trip to​ Grandma's with your family is​ not the​ time to​ be wasting money on​ unnecessary items or​ services. Road trips the​ type of​ vacation where saving money is​ possible and easy to​ do. Follow these simple steps and your Thanksgiving road trip will be one of​ the​ best and cheapest you​ have ever taken.

One of​ the​ biggest areas where money can be saved is​ on​ food. Pack snacks and maybe even a​ picnic meal or​ two before leaving home. Rest stops are great to​ stretch your legs and enjoy a​ picnic lunch.

If you​ are going to​ make stops to​ eat out along your trip,​ keep in​ mind that many restaurants offer either discount prices for children. Some offer deals where kids eat for free. Research this prior to​ the​ start of​ your trip. Know where they are,​ what they offer and the​ savings can add up.

Filling the​ car with gasoline can be the​ most costly expense of​ your trip this year. With sky-high gas prices,​ the​ gas pump is​ definitely the​ place to​ try to​ save money. When filling use a​ credit card that offers rebates on​ the​ amount of​ gas purchased. Typically,​ nationwide gas station chains such as​ Mobil or​ Shell offer credit card rebates to​ frequent customers. Keep in​ mind if​ you​ are using Mobil you​ will have to​ find and only use Mobil stations on​ the​ road in​ order to​ use your rebate.

During some longer road trips an​ overnight stop and lodging might be required. Research lodging choices ahead of​ time. Use online resources prior to​ your road trip to​ find a​ quality hotel or​ motel that offers reasonable nightly rates. With children look for places that offer "children stay free" promotions.

Look to​ book a​ hotel that offers the​ most complimentary services. Many hotels offer complimentary continental breakfasts and some have snack bars set up as​ well. Hotels can also be useful in​ offering coupons and discount rates for local attractions and eateries,​ as​ well.

Finally,​ be safe. Traffic accidents increase over the​ holidays with lots of​ people on​ the​ road. Drive the​ posted speed limits. Take a​ first aid kit,​ extra safety supplies and drinking water,​ drive safely and make it​ fun!
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