Budget Travel In New York City 5 Tips On New York Travel

The New York area is​ one of​ the​ largest in​ the​ world. With approximately 8 million people being in​ New York City alone and with less than 900 thousand kilometers squared radius,​ it​ is​ the​ densest city in​ all of​ North America! After a​ long anticipated debut we finally made our way to​ the​ Big Apple,​ and we were so excited we could barely contain ourselves. Going there has been a​ childhood dream for us ever since we decided to​ be world travelers and see everything this globe has to​ offer!

The people,​ lights,​ Times Square,​ Rockefeller,​ everything seems so exciting! This poised a​ big question though… What to​ do? What New York City event to​ pick? Well,​ I want to​ share with you​ some tips on​ New York travel that won’t break the​ bank! These are all an​ incredible experience and I would suggest doing them all if​ you​ can. Keep in​ mind there is​ no shortage of​ things to​ do in​ New York City. You’ll never get the​ chance to​ do everything,​ so do what you​ can,​ relax and enjoy what this wonderful city has to​ offer!

1) New York City comedy clubs: This is​ maybe the​ best thing I can suggest if​ you​ enjoy any sort of​ comedy at​ all. it​ works out really well because they have salesperson on​ the​ streets in​ the​ middle of​ Times Square,​ you​ don’t even have to​ look or​ try to​ find tickets. They will literally just flag you​ down and give you​ a​ very good price (We only paid $20 for both of​ us) on​ the​ condition that you​ buy 2 beverages at​ the​ club. the​ nice thing about their special,​ for those who don’t drink alcohol you​ can buy any drink of​ choice. Soft drinks and water were accepted as​ well so it​ really can appeal to​ everyone who enjoys this sort of​ thing and the​ cost is​ very low for the​ reward. it​ really was such a​ great time,​ the​ comedians were fantastic and we were very glad we decided to​ go. Highly Recommended!

2) Times Square: I realize this must be on​ everyone’s “top of​ the​ list” but it​ really is​ an​ amazing sight to​ see. This experience is​ something that you​ will never forget. the​ lights,​ people,​ banners,​ you​ don’t even realize how crazy it​ is​ until you​ are there. I must have seen Times Square on​ television a​ million times but honestly it​ really just is​ not the​ same. Spend a​ little time there to​ take in​ the​ atmosphere. There are plenty of​ very nice places to​ eat but the​ prices on​ their novelty restaurants (Hard Rock Café,​ ESPN Zone,​ etc) are very expensive. if​ you​ want something for a​ very good price,​ check out the​ side streets and look for the​ local pubs. I would really recommend going at​ night to​ see it​ lit up. a​ note to​ those who absolutely hate crowds of​ people,​ if​ you​ go to​ Times Square don’t go on​ a​ Friday or​ Saturday evening when it​ is​ the​ most busiest. We went on​ both a​ Saturday and Sunday night… the​ Saturday was chaos,​ and the​ Sunday was very nice and calm in​ comparison :) All the​ same,​ I really enjoyed both of​ them in​ different ways.

3) Rockefeller Center: We had the​ pleasure of​ going during December month,​ so we got to​ experience the​ Christmas tree and Skating Rink all done up at​ Rockefeller center. This is​ also home of​ the​ famous NBC Studios (Costs $18.50 for the​ tour).

4) Central Park: One of​ the​ most famous parks in​ the​ world and the​ most visited park in​ the​ United States,​ Central Park is​ a​ wonderful place to​ go on​ a​ nice day. Central Park is​ actually bigger than 2 of​ the​ world’s smallest nations; Monaco and Vatican City.

5) See a​ local New York City Event: Take in​ a​ ball game,​ a​ musical,​ or​ something at​ the​ theatre! New York really has everything to​ offer no matter what your hobbies or​ interests are! you​ can usually find something very reasonably priced as​ well,​ depending on​ what you​ are after.

I realize as​ most people do,​ New York tends to​ be quite expensive but with these travel ideas you​ can go out and have a​ really great time and still not spend too much money. There is​ plenty to​ see,​ even just going to​ see the​ landmarks and places like Rockefeller,​ Central Park and Times Square are well worthwhile! I really enjoyed my time just walking the​ streets and taking in​ the​ atmosphere.

If you​ are planning to​ stay in​ Manhattan for a​ week or​ so,​ I would really suggest picking up a​ copy of​ “The New York Pass”,​ spend your week and do everything you​ can. These passes are actually very reasonably priced (Starting at​ $55.00 daily and only $139.99 for a​ 7 day period,​ per person) and you​ get FREE access to​ literally almost EVERYTHING you​ could want in​ New York City. Here is​ just a​ glimpse of​ what is​ here. Keep in​ mind these are only about a​ quarter of​ the​ free things you​ get,​ not even including the​ other discounted items and special offers.

* Central Park Zoo
* CNN Studio Tour
* Empire State Building
* Madison Square Garden All Access Tour
* NBC Studio Tour
* New York Aquarium
* New York Botanical Garden
* Radio City Music Hall Stage Door Tour
* Rockefeller Center Tour
* Statue of​ Liberty / Ellis Island Ferry
* Suede Lounge (VIP nightclub access)
* the​ United Nations Tour

Well worth the​ money if​ you​ plan to​ do a​ lot of​ sightseeing,​ Museums and Tours.

Here’s a​ link to​ the​ page directly for those who are interested:

I absolutely loved my time in​ New York! I found it​ really offers you​ so much,​ no matter what month,​ or​ what day,​ there is​ always something for you​ to​ do that is​ interesting. How can you​ not like that about a​ city? it​ has everything and it​ is​ a​ great place to​ visit. I hope these tips on​ New York travel were helpful! I know I can’t wait for our next adventure,​ here in​ the​ Big Apple!

Until next time,​
Best Wishes and Happy Travels!
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