Bucovina A Travel Guide To Romanias Region Of Painted Monasteries

Bucovina is​ a​ region of​ monasteries,​ unique in​ the​ world for their colorful exterior frescoes. Equally well worth the​ visit are the​ villages,​ still leading the​ traditional way of​ life,​ and the​ stunning landscapes.

The name Bucovina may not mean much to​ many people,​ but Bucovina,​ and its brave princes,​ played an​ important part in​ the​ history of​ the​ Balkans during the​ XV and XVI centuries,​ and in​ particular with regard to​ relations with the​ Ottoman Empire. the​ impressive number of​ churches to​ be found there,​ with their fine exterior and interior frescoes,​ have been preserved and handed down from mediaeval times,​ and because of​ their uniqueness and artistic value,​ were added to​ UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List in​ 1993. There is,​ indeed,​ no other place in​ the​ world where such a​ group of​ churches,​ with such high quality exterior frescoes,​ are to​ be seen.

The churches were founded,​ in​ most cases,​ as​ family burial places of​ princes and high nobles. Each painter,​ although following the​ canonical iconographic programme,​ interpreted the​ scenes in​ a​ slightly different way. the​ scenes were first painted on​ the​ interior walls,​ and then extended to​ the​ exterior ones. the​ reasons for such vast scenes were both religious and didactic: to​ promote Orthodoxy and to​ educate the​ illiterate.

Tourist information in​ Romania: the​ notion of​ "tourist information office" disappeared after the​ 1989 revolution because all the​ local tourist offices were abolished. the​ travel agencies created by the​ private sector took over the​ role of​ the​ tourist information offices. They can provide you​ with the​ information and services for organizing tours in​ Bucovina. Because Romanians themselves increasingly prefer to​ travel outside Romania,​ the​ travel agencies are more specialized in​ organizing international travel. Local tours have been neglected for many years but are now flourishing again.

The private sector is​ now the​ most advanced,​ and appreciated both inside and outside the​ country for the​ western level of​ comfort and services.

Tourist information can also be found in​ the​ annual publication of​ the​ Romanian Yellow Pages. All bookshops sell travel guides,​ but it​ is​ not so easy to​ find travel guides of​ Bucovina in​ the​ main towns. an​ exception could be the​ newspaper stores.

Our travel guide: Bucovina - a​ Travel Guide to​ Romania's Region of​ Painted Monasteries is​ an​ excellent full-color book on​ a​ wide variety of​ cultural heritage subjects from mural paintings and archaeology to​ architecture and local traditions. it​ also gives practical information and tips on​ travel to​ and in​ Romania,​ what to​ see,​ where to​ stay,​ what to​ buy and to​ eat,​ to​ get the​ most of​ Bucovina.

We hope that you​ will enjoy your travel to​ Bucovina!
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