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Branson is​ known as​ the​ Live Entertainment Capital of​ the​ World and boasts 49 live performance theaters performing 120 shows a​ day. With a​ reputation built on​ love of​ God and Country,​ this all-American town of​ just over 6,​000 dazzles tourists each year with its brand of​ music,​ humor and down home appeal.

The citys performers are known world wide for their talent and appeal,​ but also have a​ reputation for family dynasties. Performers like Shoji Tabuchi,​ the​ violinist,​ and Utahs Lowe Family bring a​ whole other dimension to​ keeping it​ in​ the​ family.

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Visitors typically spend 3-4 days in​ town,​ sometimes seeing as​ many as​ eight shows during their trip. Since there is​ no airport in​ town,​ many elect to​ drive in​ and get around on​ the​ motorcoach. Having that isolation has done nothing to​ hurt the​ success of​ the​ city,​ though. in​ fact,​ many choose to​ include day trips to​ Springfield and other nearby destinations in​ their trip,​ which helps the​ surrounding communities economies as​ well.

Heres an​ overview of​ what Branson has to​ offer,​ giving you​ an​ idea of​ how it​ came to​ be the​ Live Entertainment Capital of​ the​ World!

Branson History

With a​ history of​ failed or​ shortly lived industries like lead mining and mussel shell collection for the​ button industry,​ the​ people of​ southwestern Missouri struggled to​ make a​ living. Families barely survived,​ leaving them vulnerable to​ manipulation and outlaws.

During the​ Civil War,​ the​ area surrounding Branson was considered a​ no-mans-land. Lacking law and any men to​ enforce it,​ women and families were terrorized and attacked by bushwhackers,​ men who would rape the​ women and then pillage the​ house for food,​ supplies and valuables. in​ 1865,​ what is​ generally considered to​ be the​ very first street shootout occurred in​ nearby Springfield,​ when Wild Bill Hickock killed a​ man named David Tutt in​ a​ quarrel over a​ watch.

After the​ chaos of​ the​ 19th century,​ the​ city of​ Branson was founded in​ 1903. in​ 1907,​ Shepherd of​ the​ Hills was written,​ the​ immensely popular novel depicting life in​ the​ Ozark Mountains. the​ book,​ like the​ Da Vinci Code of​ today,​ spawned a​ generation of​ people to​ visit the​ Ozark Mountains and the​ actual farm where the​ novel was written.

In 1959,​ the​ first run of​ the​ Shepherd of​ the​ Hills play was performed in​ the​ Old Mill Theater on​ the​ farm. the​ farm has since come under ownership of​ one of​ the​ plays former actors,​ Gary Snadon,​ who vowed to​ keep the​ Shepherd of​ the​ Hills Homestead and Outdoor Theater true to​ the​ novel and the​ time.


6050 permanent residents (2000 U.S. Census)


Average highs per season: Spring: 59o-85o Summer: 82o-90o Fall: 47o-82o Winter: 44o-59o

Indian Summer lasts well into October,​ leaving plenty of​ warm weather for those wanting an​ escape from the​ shortening days and ever chillier wind.

Precipitation (monthly average): 3.59 inches

Like many Midwestern cities,​ precipitation in​ Branson is​ slightly higher in​ the​ spring and in​ November,​ with an​ average of​ 4.25.

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