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Made famous by Revolutionary events,​ infamous by cold winters,​ & both by the​ World-Series winning Red Sox,​ Boston has its fair share of​ reasons to​ visit. With such a​ reputation,​ however,​ comes high prices,​ & it's become increasingly difficult to​ find bargain deals in​ the​ city. That is​ why we created a​ list of​ budget restaurants,​ bars & activities that both locals & tourists can use when going out in​ Boston. Spanning the​ unique Boston neighborhoods,​ we have suggestions whether you​ are with family,​ friends or​ single. We also provide ideas for dates that won't break the​ bank - great especially for a​ first outing,​ yet perfect also for a​ change of​ pace in​ the​ old routine.

sister Jimmy's BBQ (96 Winthrop St.,​ Cambridge) - Enjoy a​ number of​ the​ best BBQ you​ can find north of​ Memphis & east of​ St. Louis. While the​ entrees can get pricey,​ you​ can enjoy a​ great BBQ sandwich & a​ side for under $10. Try the​ pulled Chicken with the​ Eastern Carolina sauce & the​ mashed potatoes with gravy. if​ you​ are looking to​ splurge,​ try a​ Swamp-water; this fish bowl of​ liquor is​ $15,​ but does come with its own alligator. on​ Wednesdays,​ be sure to​ check out the​ Ladies Night specials & receive $1 domestic beers & $1 margaritas. Also on​ Wednesdays,​ receive a​ 25% discount on​ your food purchases with a​ valid Southern ID (States south of​ the​ Mason-Dixon Line & east of​ the​ Mississippi). on​ Saturdays,​ there's $0.35 wings & $8 pitchers from 12-4pm. For those looking to​ eat,​ stop by on​ Sundays for all-you-can-eat ribs & all-you-can-drink drafts for $22.95 (two hour max) or​ on​ Mondays for all-you-can-eat wings & rib tips & all-you-can-drink drafts for $14.95.

Grendel's Den (89 Winthrop Street,​ Harvard Square) - Stop by for the​ happy hour food specials from 5-7:30pm & after 9:30pm at​ this popular Harvard Square bar. the​ entire menu (normally reasonable) is​ half priced,​ giving the​ diner on​ a​ budget some great options. Try the​ Mediterranean platter for steak tips & hummus for only $5 during happy hour. Also,​ stop by on​ Sunday evenings for the​ special dollar menu,​ featuring items such burgers & pasta. there is​ a​ minimum drink purchase of​ $3 required for the​ discount prices.

Fajitas & Ritas (25 West St.,​ Downtown or​ 1237 Hancock St.,​ Quincy) - it​ is​ easy to​ stuff yourself with fresh Tex-Mex food here without spending much cash,​ because Fajitas & Ritas is​ one of​ the​ few places around that serves dinner-sized fajitas for less than $10. For those who prefer the​ Tex instead of​ the​ Mex,​ you​ can get a​ BBQ pulled pork sandwich accompanied by slaw,​ beans & corn bread,​ also for under $10. & even though you​ might be trying to​ save cash,​ it​ is​ hard not to​ splurge on​ a​ Raspberry Margarita for a​ bit over $4. No matter your budget,​ you​ won't be hungry when you​ leave!

McCormick & Schmick's (North Market Building,​ Faneuil Hall) - This upscale seafood restaurant can normally cost a​ penny but at​ happy hour someone can afford to​ enjoy a​ number of​ McCormick & Schmick's great food. From 3:30 to​ 6:30pm Monday through Friday & 10pm-12am on​ Saturday & Sunday,​ the​ bar features a​ $1.95 menu featuring standby favorites such as​ burgers,​ chicken wings,​ & cheese quesadillas,​ as​ well as​ seafood choices such as​ oysters & clams. the​ menu changes daily & there is​ a​ minimum drink purchase required. Reservations are suggested. For more info,​ take a​ look at​ their web-site here.

Sunset Grill & Tap (130 Brighton Ave.,​ Allston) - While this bar doesn't have any drink specials,​ the​ sheer vastness of​ its beer selection makes it​ worth checking out. Offering 112 beers on​ tap & 380 types of​ bottled beer,​ Sunset is​ truly a​ beer drinker's heaven. the​ prices range based on​ the​ brand but try the​ Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. This one is​ 9% alcohol so at​ about $4 per pint,​ it​ can be a​ cool deal. For the​ drinker living on​ the​ edge,​ there is​ the​ 120 Minute IPA,​ which is​ 21% alcohol by volume. the​ Sunset also offers a​ menu of​ tasty,​ relatively cheap food to​ accompany your beer selections. you​ might need to​ get here early; the​ lines & wait can get long. For more information take a​ look here.

Drink Specials

Roggie's Brew & Grille (356 Chestnut Hill Ave.,​ Brighton) - While this is​ definitely a​ Boston College bar,​ any one looking for a​ fun scene & young crowd can enjoy this Brighton hotspot. Roggie's offers 52 beers on​ tap & martinis for only $5. Also stop by between 4-7pm for $0.15 wings. For those with a​ larger crowd,​ or​ perhaps looking to​ not remember their night,​ try the​ 64 once bowls of​ mixed drinks for around 17 dollars. as​ an​ added bonus,​ Roggie's also has a​ pizza shop right next door for someone looking for some great cheap eats after a​ night of​ heavy drinking.

Pour House Bar & Grill (909 Boylston Street,​ Fenway Kenmore) - widely known as​ a​ college student's dream bar,​ this place offers a​ fun crowd & cheap prices. the​ deals on​ food can be exceptional. on​ Wednesdays after 6pm,​ try the​ $2.50 chicken sandwich & Saturdays after 6pm all burgers are half priced. This bar offers a​ standard selection of​ drinks,​ which are also reasonably priced. the​ service is​ seat-yourself,​ but this bar can fill up quickly.


Beacon Hill Pub (149 Charles Street,​ Beacon Hill) - if​ you​ are looking to​ relive your college years,​ then Beacon Hill Pub is​ the​ place to​ go. Start with the​ $1.55 Bud draft pints in​ plastic cups. Then challenge your buddies to​ a​ game of​ foosball or​ pinball. Within minutes you'll feel as​ if​ you​ are 21 again (or even 18?). Wednesday nights are best if​ you​ are looking for a​ fun but chill scene - make sure to​ introduce yourself to​ Garrett the​ bartender (and,​ of​ work,​ tip him),​ & he'll be sure to​ remember your poison & prepare it​ for you​ as​ soon as​ you​ approach the​ bar. Thursdays through Saturdays tend to​ be more crowded,​ but fun all the​ same,​ especially if​ that is​ more your scene. Don't worry about driving & trying to​ find a​ parking spot in​ the​ impossible Beacon Hill neighborhood - a​ T stop & a​ cabstand are only a​ few steps from the​ door.

Faneuil Hall Marketplace (Downtown) - More commonly referred to​ as​ Quincy Market,​ this marketplace offers all kinds of​ food,​ shopping & live entertainment. Hungry? Try one of​ the​ 17 restaurants or​ 40 eateries serving up everything from famous old England clam chowda to​ ethnic Indian &,​ of​ work,​ delectable deserts. Looking for something old? there's multiple retailers,​ from recognized apparel stores to​ local gift shops,​ for you​ to​ browse. Just need to​ be entertained? the​ musical & variety acts put on​ by the​ street performers provide free amusement for passerbys of​ all ages. or​ check out the​ Comedy Connection (see write-up below) for a​ more organized comedic routine. Located on​ the​ waterfront & easily identified by the​ cobblestone walkways & 19th century buildings,​ Quincy Market cannot be missed.

Kayak the​ Charles (Charles River Canoe & Kayak,​ in​ Artesani Park in​ Allston/Brighton) - you​ are sure to​ cross the​ Charles River at​ some point during your stay in​ Boston - but have you​ ever considered paddling through it? Stroll with a​ friend to​ the​ Charles River Canoe & Kayak kiosk & rent a​ two-person canoe or​ kayak for around $15 per hour. Whether you​ are looking for a​ strenuous workout or​ a​ leisurely paddle (the waters are typically calm),​ kayaking the​ Charles River can provide either two,​ or​ anything in-between. Just make sure the​ skies are sunny,​ because rentals are not available on​ rainy days. Easily spotted in​ Artesani Park by the​ green-roof,​ this rental site is​ open on​ fair days from May through early October. Check out other options at​ their web-site here.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (280 the​ Fenway,​ Fenway Kenmore) - if​ the​ long Bostonian winter gets you​ & your significant other down,​ & you​ both need to​ see something blooming (but know that won't happen outside in​ winter),​ you​ can visit the​ atrium in​ the​ center of​ the​ Gardner Museum,​ where the​ garden courtyard is​ flowering in​ every season. there's also two floors of​ art that,​ upon Ms. Gardner's direction,​ have not been modified since their placement during the​ 19th century. the​ museum is​ open Tuesday through Sunday,​ 11am to​ 5 pm. if​ you​ can convince them your name is​ Isabella,​ you​ can get in​ for free. Otherwise,​ show a​ student ID for a​ $5 admission fee. you​ can get to​ the​ museum by taking the​ Huntington Avenue No. 39 bus or​ the​ Green Line train to​ the​ Museum stop.

The Comedy Connection (Faneuil Hall Marketplace) Relax for a​ night & let the​ upcoming professionals work to​ make your date laugh! Comedians perform live every day of​ the​ week,​ but you​ will need to​ call (617.248.9700) for reservations if​ you​ plan to​ attend a​ show between Thursday & Saturday. Ticket prices usually range between $12 & $25,​ depending on​ who's on​ stage,​ but cheaper doesn't mean less funny - just less widely known acts,​ which often leads to​ more original comedy. to​ see who will be performing next,​ check here.

Cheap Dates

South Street Diner (corner of​ Kneeland & South Sts,​ Beacon Hill) - Nothing beats sharing a​ booth & a​ milkshake at​ a​ diner with your date. Open 24 hours a​ day,​ there is​ no bad time to​ take your significant other out for a​ bite - be it​ breakfast,​ dinner or​ dessert. Actually,​ no matter when you​ go,​ you​ should still order a​ slice of​ their famous chocolate mousse cake! From the​ jukebox playing the​ hits of​ the​ decade to​ the​ life-sized James Dean near the​ bathroom,​ South Street provides that happy,​ romantic feel we all associate with a​ typical 1950s diner.

Mike's Pastry (300 Hanover St.,​ in​ the​ North End) - need to​ show your date how sweet you​ can be? Then take him or​ her to​ Mike's Pastry & choose from a​ selection of​ cannoli,​ biscotti,​ cheesecake & every other italian dessert you​ could imagine. you​ can order tasty treats to​ satisfy yourself & your date without being alarmed by
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