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Carrying a​ travel bag and looking around the​ places of​ historical and sculptural importance. is​ that what you​ conceive as​ a​ holiday? if​ yes you​ haven’t seen or​ heard enough. the​ traveling experience can be more than rewarding if​ the​ choice of​ the​ places to​ visit is​ bizarre. And more so going to​ those untouched places can be one hell-of an​ experience. May be it​ is​ going in​ to​ the​ wilderness of​ the​ Amazon or​ the​ endless Kalahari,​ the​ fun never ends. Some places definitely provide more then you​ can ask for.

For those who have seen all the​ obvious and usual places to​ visit these can be the​ fun trips. Hunting vampires in​ Transylvania or​ getting close to​ the​ sharks at​ the​ sea,​ every thing that you​ never thought about makes the​ trips one to​ remember. the​ popularity of​ these goes to​ the​ extreme thinking of​ the​ tourists and the​ efforts of​ the​ tour organizers. the​ trips include many out of​ the​ world experiences. One of​ them is​ the​ storm chase. It’s like trying to​ cut through the​ storm risking all you​ have for the​ thrill of​ the​ lifetime.

Many may think it​ unusual but many people consider hunting for Unidentified Flying Objects as​ there idea of​ an​ adventure trip. People cite the​ UFO’s and then the​ most common places to​ find them are prepared for the​ tourist and wait for them to​ return. This also comes,​ sometimes with unusual alien citing which add the​ extra thrill to​ the​ adventure. the​ much known area 51 is​ on​ the​ list of​ such enthusiasts and they claim to​ have made visits. Museums and memorials dedicated to​ the​ alien s and their things are there at​ many places across the​ United States.

The scientific advancements are giving hope to​ the​ concept of​ H. G. Wells regarding time travel. the​ tourists definitely would like to​ venture into some adventure,​ which can take them to​ the​ past. This seems a​ bit too complicated but this is​ fast becoming the​ most sought after concept and people are willing to​ pay for the​ same. There are risks attached to​ it​ and there seems to​ be a​ lot of​ time that remains before this thing to​ get materialized; yet the​ craving is​ never-ending.

Another adventure that the​ people have been indulging into for years is​ the​ treasure hunts. in​ the​ pursuit of​ hidden treasures many people venture in​ to​ the​ deepest of​ seas and the​ innermost of​ the​ forests looking for them. Even the​ mystery of​ the​ Bermuda triangle is​ also intriguing and the​ tourists don’t want to​ miss a​ chance to​ go there. Well,​ to​ do that one has to​ make a​ trip and go because no tour operator will take the​ risk.

Then the​ latest in​ bizarre adventure list is​ the​ concept of​ space travel. With the​ theories regarding possibilities of​ life on​ other planets people are willing to​ go to​ outer space for the​ trips of​ there life time. This is​ one of​ the​ possible traveling ideas because it​ has been experimented and people have actually been to​ space for a​ trip. the​ space tourism seems to​ be the​ nest thing in​ traveling brochures.

So say goodbye to​ the​ customized tours and pack your bags for some bizarre traveling experiences.
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