Benidorm And The Costa Blanca Travel Tips

Benidorm Spain is​ located about forty five kilometres northeast of​ Alicante. it​ is​ one of​ the​ main attractions on​ the​ Costa Blanca. This city was built for tourism. the​ beach front and other areas are lined with hotels offering many choices in​ accommodations. Benidorm is​ surrounded by mountains. This protects the​ city against cold winter winds. the​ climate is​ mild in​ the​ winter months. the​ city is​ most popular among tourists in​ the​ summer. There is​ plenty to​ see in​ the​ daytime and a​ bustling nightlife after hours.

Spain: Tips for Travel
Most people getting cheap Benidorm flights into Alicante airport when visiting this city. Once you​ arrive,​ there are plenty of​ choices for travel throughout the​ area. the​ Benidorm bus has frequent routes from the​ airport to​ the​ city. the​ railway runs a​ similar route. There are about twenty car hire companies that operate in​ Benidorm. All will pick you​ up at​ the​ airport; just let them know when you​ make a​ reservation.

The choice you​ make in​ travel will depend on​ how much you​ plan to​ travel throughout the​ region on​ your vacation. if​ you​ plan to​ travel to​ surrounding cities,​ a​ car is​ the​ best bet. This will allow you​ the​ freedom to​ move around the​ region. if​ you​ plan to​ stay within the​ city for most of​ your trip,​ public transportation will serve your needs well.

Benidorm Attractions
Benidorm offers something for everyone in​ terms of​ attractions. There are holiday and theme parks,​ as​ well as​ other attractions that are great for families. Single people will enjoy the​ beaches and vibrant nightlife of​ the​ city. Golfers will enjoy the​ great golf courses in​ and around the​ city.

The city has three beaches. the​ Playa de Levante is​ also known as​ the​ rising beach. This beach is​ more secluded,​ but tends to​ draw a​ younger,​ single crowd. the​ Levante is​ a​ topless beach. the​ Playa de Poniente is​ in​ a​ busier area. This beach tends to​ attract families and older people. the​ small beach in​ between these two larger beaches is​ called the​ Playa Mai Pas.

The main street on​ the​ beach and the​ city square are car free zones. No traffic is​ allowed in​ this area,​ which makes it​ nice for walking. the​ area is​ home to​ a​ variety of​ restaurants,​ dance clubs and bars. This is​ a​ busy area both day and night during the​ summer travel season.

The Lemon Express is​ a​ thirty mile rail journey from Benidorm up the​ coast of​ Spain. This offers a​ scenic tour of​ the​ coastline. the​ train leaves from Benidorm and travels up the​ coast. you​ will enjoy the​ scenic view of​ the​ Spanish countryside from the​ train.

There is​ also plenty to​ do with the​ family in​ this city. Families will enjoy the​ Terra Mitica,​ a​ theme park in​ Benidorm. the​ name in​ English is​ the​ Mythical Land. This theme park features ancient Greek,​ Egyptian and Roman civilizations. There are plenty of​ rides here for kids of​ all ages. in​ addition,​ the​ park offers play areas for younger children.

The Terra Natura Park is​ a​ wildlife park. This park is​ home to​ over five hundred animals of​ about two hundred different species. you​ will get to​ see animals in​ their natural habitats. the​ park is​ set up in​ four theme areas. There is​ also a​ park with a​ playground for the​ kids to​ run and play.
Spend some time researching the​ variety of​ attractions and accommodations in​ the​ Benidorm area when planning your vacation. you​ will find there is​ something for every member of​ the​ family. Good planning will ensure that everyone has a​ great time on​ your vacation.
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