Barcelona The Modern European City Cool Tips From A Travel Juinkie

To date,​ I already visited the​ city of​ Barcelona on​ 2 occasion (both were 1 week stays),​ and I still believe that there are many attractions which are yet to​ be explored. I will definitely revisit soon,​ since I simply fell in​ love with the​ place. if​ you​ are planning to​ visit Barcelona (or thinking about it) here are some cool tips from a​ travel junkie.


Visiting the​ old part (Barri Gothic Area) of​ the​ city is​ a​ must-see,​ yet in​ my opinion,​ the​ best parts of​ Barcelona are its contributions to​ 20th Century architecture.

One must definitely visit all monuments left by famous 20th-century architect Antonio Gaudi; Parc Guell,​ Casa Miro,​ Casa Batlo,​ and most of​ all,​ the​ famous,​ unfinished Sagrada Famiglia Cathedral.

Other definite monuments to​ be seen are the​ Palau de la Musica,​ the​ Maritime Museum,​ Picasso Museum,​ the​ Olympic Complex,​ and for the​ best nightlife of​ all,​ the​ Olympic Village.

Day Trip Suggestions:

I would typically suggest a​ trip to​ Salou,​ where one finds the​ magical theme park of​ Port Aventura. We spent 2 nights in​ the​ resort which adjoins the​ park,​ and booked this directly via the​ Internet . When I tried booking via my agent it​ was going to​ cost me 15% more. Hence,​ simply book this yourself since its very easy to​ do so.

Arriving to​ the​ destination,​ is​ very easy since the​ resort and the​ theme park has a​ station located only 100m away from it. Whilst,​ Port Aventura may not be as​ large as​ DisneyLand Paris in​ size,​ I personally feel that it​ has a​ certain atmosphere of​ adventure which the​ Parisian park lacks.

Other day trips worth considering are a​ visit to​ the​ wonderful Montserrat Mountains,​ as​ well as​ a​ visit to​ beautiful seaside resort of​ Stiges. you​ may acquire very advantageous day trip packages which include transportation,​ museum entrances,​ and lunch at​ the​ Tourist Information Office.

Obtaining Literature

Besides buying a​ good guide book (DK has a​ very colorful and informative guide),​ I would suggest that you​ would log onto the​ Barcelona Tourist Information office website,​ and contact them asking for some literature. For a​ very small charge (probably less than 3 Euros),​ they will send you​ very useful maps and guides which will definitely help you​ in​ planning your trip.
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