Assorted Tips For Business Travelers

Our web community of​ business flight attendants is​ always thinking of​ ways to​ make traveling easier. you​ have to​ when your job takes you​ away from home base for several weeks at​ a​ time! the​ following tips are for business as​ well as​ leisure travelers.

1. Ring Around the​ Collar Dirty neck rings around shirt or​ blouse collars can be removed by putting shampoo on​ them. Rub the
shampoo in​ as​ if​ you​ were washing your hair. Shampoo is​ specifically made to​ remove body oils the​ "ingredient" of​ neck rings.

2. Removing Gum you​ can pick up just about anything on​ the​ soles of​ your shoes. Removing gum can seem like one of​ the​ most difficult things to​ do. the​ solution? Rub ice on​ the​ gum to​ harden it​ and then use a​ dull knife to​ remove the​ gum. the​ gum will come right off without damaging your soles.

3. Killing Flies Are there flying insects in​ your hotel room? Hair spray will kill flies and most other insects.

4. Drying Out Wet Magazines or​ Books Place paper towels on​ both sides of​ a​ wet page to​ absorb the​ moisture and prevent wrinkling.

5. Lingering Onion or​ Fish Smells on​ Hands Can’t get rid of​ onion or​ fish smells on​ your hands? Wet them,​ sprinkle them generously with salt,​ and rinse.
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