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Asia occupies a​ quarter of​ the​ earth's land mass,​ it​ spans a​ lot of​ time zones. Having a​ single travel guide for all of​ Asia is​ virtually impossible. Asia like any other continent,​ here are basic travel tips for a​ few of​ the​ most happening countries in​ Asia.

The country's recommended tourist spots are Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City,​ which are both modernized. All tourists in​ Vietnam,​ except Thai and Philippine Nationals need a​ tourist Visa before entering the​ Country. Health wise,​ Malaria is​ prevalent in​ Vietnam,​ it​ would be best to​ bring with you​ anti-mosquito lotions to​ prevent being bit.

Aside from the​ usual prohibition of​ narcotics and deadly weapons,​ Radio cassette Players are banned in​ the​ Island of​ Bali,​ which is​ a​ prime tourist spot in​ Indonesia. Any object with Chinese characters written on​ it,​ are also prohibited in​ Bali.

Thai people are very religious and very loyal to​ the​ monarchy. you​ would often see pictures of​ the​ king around the​ cities,​ never make fun of​ him. the​ Thai also consider the​ head as​ the​ highest part of​ the​ body,​ whether spiritual or​ physical. Refrain from touching anybody in​ the​ head,​ and try not to​ point at​ anything with your foot.

It's best to​ bring light and cool clothing in​ Malaysia. you​ would usually find food stands in​ the​ cities selling the​ local delicacies,​ "teh tarik" a​ creamed tea,​ and "roti canai" a​ type of​ pancake,​ are a​ must try when you​ do encounter them. Malaysia has many religions,​ you​ would usually see,​ a​ variety of​ Christian churches,​ Muslim Mosques and Buddhist and Hindu temples may be present in​ each city.

The Philippine has 7,​107 islands and islets; beaches are the​ main tourist spots in​ the​ country. There are several museums and Historical Landmarks in​ Manila,​ the​ country's capital. Boracay Island is​ the​ boast of​ the​ country which has white sand beaches.

Hong Kong is​ a​ key destination for many travelers. it​ is​ located in​ Eastern Asia,​ near China and the​ South China Sea. Formerly,​ leased to​ Great Britain,​ Hong Kong was officially returned to​ China in​ 1997. Hong Kong offers diversity in: culture,​ religion,​ and lifestyles.

Chinese,​ (Cantonese) and English are both the​ official language here. So foreigners,​ who are planning to​ visit,​ should not have any problems exploring,​ and experiencing the​ culture of​ this vibrant place; since English is​ widely spoken here.

Hong Kong dollar is​ the​ currency in​ use here. One American dollar roughly equals around 7 Hong Kong dollars.
Hong Kong is​ known for: its unique energetic vibe,​ its wonderful food,​ and beautiful skylines. Hong Kong offers many great upscale shopping districts that rival the​ high end streets of: Shanghai,​ London and Paris. But the​ best places to​ shop here are the​ unique shops,​ and street markets that exhibit the​ charm and uniqueness of​ the​ locality.

General Tips
Each country in​ Asia has its own currency,​ although up-end establishments will accept dollars,​ there are very few of​ these around. it​ is​ best to​ have your money changed at​ the​ local bank. Some hotels also offer money changing,​ but usually at​ a​ lower exchange rate.
Like any kind of​ decisions people have to​ make,​ it​ is​ always important to​ know the​ area they will be visiting so as​ to​ familiarize themselves with the​ laws,​ locations of​ best tourist spots,​ and the​ kind of​ people they have to​ deal with.
Going to​ a​ place without having the​ slightest idea what it​ is​ all about is​ just as​ bad as​ going to​ the​ wilderness with beasts lurking everywhere and there's no gadget to​ protect them.
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