Amsterdam Cheap Travel Guide Enjoy It

When you​ opt for a​ cheap travel to​ Europe,​ the​ city of​ Amsterdam should be your best choice. the​ city offers cheap relatively compared to​ most European cities but not sacrificing the​ quality of​ the​ trip.

The city...

Amsterdam is​ undoubtedly a​ beautiful city. No wander it​ is​ the​ fourth most visited cities in​ the​ region just after Paris,​ Rome,​ and London. Most of​ the​ population speaks either French or​ German or​ both. the​ people also can speak English and Dutch as​ well. the​ area is​ relatively flat. you​ cannot find slopes and hills unlike other European cities. if​ you​ want to​ roam Amsterdam by foot,​ it​ is​ very conducive for hiking. This would save you​ from the​ trouble of​ renting a​ car or​ hiring a​ taxicab to​ transport you​ within the​ city. And since Amsterdam has lots of​ sights to​ offer,​ hiking would be fill up the​ day while spending some time on​ different attractions the​ city has to​ offer.

If you​ don't feel the​ idea of​ hiking,​ Amsterdam provides not only cheap but free transportation. White-bikes are located in​ abundance in​ the​ city. in​ fact there are over 700,​000 bikes waiting for you. you​ can hop on​ one of​ these communal bikes at​ one place then drop it​ off on​ the​ other. They are stationed in​ different point of​ the​ city so you​ won't get a​ hard to​ locate one.

Not into biking and hiking but still opting for cheap Amsterdam vacation? you​ can always ride any of​ the​ public transportation within the​ city. Amsterdam offers some of​ the​ best train,​ bus,​ and tram systems in​ Europe. They are cheap and the​ service is​ extremely good.

The attraction...

Amsterdam is​ lined with several museums and monuments often time just a​ shot away from one another. to​ be exact,​ Amsterdam has 42 museums and almost 7,​000 monuments within its limits. And if​ you​ want to​ visit them without confusion,​ the​ city has prepared 7 waking routes,​ marked especially for you.

You can see the​ works of​ Hals,​ Vermeer,​ Rembrandt,​ and several other world-renowned artists in​ Amsterdam's most famous museum- the​ Rijks museum. a​ Van Gogh admirer? Vincent Van Gogh has his own museum located near Rijks. For a​ more contemporary and modern pictures,​ paintings,​ and pottery,​ you​ can visit Stedelijk Museum of​ Modern Art. For a​ closer feel of​ Amsterdam during the​ 1600s,​ you​ can visit the​ Museum Willet-Holthuysen that is​ considered World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

When you​ visit during summer (July-August),​ expect to​ see bed of​ Tulips along with other Holland's pride- narcissus,​ daffodils,​ and other flowers.

Canal attraction is​ superb. During summer,​ you​ can tour the​ city by boat. the​ city's canal stretches up to​ 100KM giving you​ an​ alternative way to​ see the​ city. During winter,​ the​ same canal freezes and transforms into a​ sporting site where skating events take place.

The rates...

Amsterdam is​ not a​ typical European city where you​ have to​ spend so much to​ survive. it​ does not charge premium rates like any other European cities. you​ can stay at​ one of​ the​ hostels in​ Amsterdam under $70. Dining is​ also very affordable in​ the​ city. you​ can survive a​ decent meal for under $15. Transportation is​ also cheap. Tram pass could be purchase at​ around $5 for unlimited ride for the​ day.

Picturesque view and rich culture and history give every reason to​ travel to​ Amsterdam. And with prices are relatively cheap,​ you​ surely would enjoy your stay at​ Amsterdam.
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