Airport Travel Tips Reducing Waiting Times

Key Travel Tips Following these tips will help you​ reduce your wait time at​ the​ security checkpoint. Before you​ go to​ the​ Airport .Do not pack or​ bring Prohibited Items to​ the​ airport. .Place valuables such as​ jewelry,​ money & laptop computers in​ carry-on baggage only. .Tape your business card to​ the​ bottom of​ your laptop. .Avoid wearing clothing,​ jewelry & accessories that contain metal. Metal items may set off the​ alarm on​ the​ metal detector. .Avoid wearing shoes that contain metal or​ have thick soles or​ heels. lots of​ types of​ footwear will need additional screening even if​ the​ metal detector does not alarm. .Put all undeveloped film & cameras with film in​ your carry-on baggage. Checked baggage screening equipment will damage undeveloped film. .Declare firearms & ammunition to​ your airline & place them in​ your checked baggage. .If you​ wish to​ lock your baggage,​ use a​ TSA-recognized lock. .Do not bring lighters or​ prohibited matches to​ the​ airport. .Do not pack wrapped gifts & do not bring wrapped gifts to​ the​ checkpoint. Wrap on​ arrival or​ ship your gifts prior to​ your departure. TSA may have to​ unwrap packages for security reasons. While at​ the​ Airport Each adult traveler needs to​ keep obtainable his/her airline boarding pass & government-issued photo ID until exiting the​ security checkpoint. Due to​ different airport configurations,​ at​ lots of​ airports you​ will be required to​ display these documents over two times. .Place the​ following items in​ your carry-on baggage or​ in​ a​ plastic bag prior to​ entering the​ screening checkpoint: oMobile phones oKeys oLoose modify oMoney clips oPDA's (personal data assistants) oLarge amounts of​ jewelry oMetal hair decorations oLarge belt buckles .Take your laptop & video cameras with cassettes OUT of​ their cases & place them in​ a​ bin provided at​ the​ checkpoint. .Take OFF all outer coats,​ suit coats,​ jackets & blazers.
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