Accommodation Travel Tips


Do a​ hotel research on​ the​ net looking not only for the​ cheapest rates but also considering the​ amenities and services provided,​ location,​ possible references from other people. Travel guidebooks can also be very helpful for choosing the​ hotel that suits you​ best. Be as​ much flexible with your trip schedule as​ possible. For example,​ business class hotels often have lower weekend rates.

As soon as​ you​ reserved the​ room(s) online,​ document all information about the​ hotel(s). the​ easiest way is​ to​ print out the​ whole page off your computer screen so you​ will have a​ clear statement that you​ can use as​ evidence in​ case of​ misplacing or​ incorrectly entering your information by a​ hotel clerk. Take a​ copy with you,​ make another one for your relatives so they will know when and where you​ are going to​ stay so they can contact you​ in​ emergency cases.


Learn the​ proper check-in and check-out times. Confirm the​ amenities and services the​ hotel provides. Ask for directions,​ a​ local map. Get a​ card with the​ hotel's name,​ address and phone number so you​ can show it​ to​ a​ taxi driver or​ a​ passer-by in​ the​ street if​ you​ get lost.

Some hotels may provide extra services that you​ may not know about unless you​ ask for it:

- laundry service,​
- hair dryers,​
- voltage converters/ adaptors,​
- newspaper service,​
- complementary meals,​
- access to​ fax machine,​ copier,​ printer,​ computer,​ Internet connection,​
- cable TV,​ rental movies,​ video games,​
- portable beds,​ baby cribs,​
- complementary shuttle service to​ airport,​
- rental safe for your money,​ jewellery,​ documents,​
- telephone access charges,​
- fees for using mini-bar,​
- guided tours,​ excursions.


Safety should be a​ priority for everybody and you​ have to​ take some precautions. We devoted a​ whole separate page to​ travel safety including hotel safety measures so we will skip this part here. When you​ go out for the​ day,​ leave your key at​ the​ reception desk. Confirm closing time. Some hotels do lock up at​ night and you're expected to​ keep the​ key if​ you​ stay out late.


Check out your room for left-behind items. if​ you​ need extra time for staying over the​ regular check-out time (usually it​ ranges from 11 a.m. to​ 2 p.m),​ make a​ request in​ advance or​ the​ hotel may charge you​ an​ additional night.

Review the​ hotel bill making sure that all charges are accurate.

We wish you​ a​ successful and safe trip!
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