A Travel Guide To Paris

Paris is​ France’s capital city and is​ located in​ the​ north of​ the​ country on​ the​ River Seine. the​ city is​ known for its romantic charm and atmosphere with gorgeous outdoor cafés,​ the​ scent of​ freshly baked croissants filling the​ area and stunning residents that are clothed in​ the​ most stylish fashions. Paris has a​ great history that is​ felt when within the​ city. the​ city also possesses amazing architecture,​ style and atmosphere that make being there a​ pleasurable experience.

Travelling There
Paris has a​ couple of​ airports that make flying there an​ easy option. it​ is​ also linked with excellent road and rail services. Euroline buses run constantly to​ and from the​ city in​ all directions. Ferries cross over from the​ UK to​ nearby ports for those who are looking to​ take there own car.

As Paris is​ such a​ large and popular city there is​ every type of​ accommodation available to​ suit all budgets. the​ only problem with accommodation is​ that you​ must book well in​ advance as​ the​ city gets busy with visitors,​ especially during fashion shows.

Eating & drinking
All of​ France is​ renowned for its cuisine and wines. Paris is​ one of​ the​ best places in​ the​ country to​ go out to​ restaurants. Parisians take their food seriously and tend to​ eat two sit-down meals a​ day. Restaurants,​ cafés and bars are found just about everywhere in​ Paris so you​ will always find something for your taste.

The city of​ Paris dates back to​ more than 2,​000 years ago when it​ was first built. it​ developed into a​ metropolis after it​ was overruled by Julius Caesar in​ 52 BC. the​ city is​ linked to​ the​ French Revolution that saw the​ killing of​ thousands of​ people. Although Paris has a​ somewhat violent history,​ these days the​ city is​ a​ charming place to​ visit where many people fall in​ love in​ its wonderful atmosphere.

Sights and Must Sees
Paris is​ known for its magnificent architecture layout. if​ th interests you​ be sure to​ visit Sacré Coeur Basilica. it​ is​ located on​ the​ butte of​ Montmartre and provides wonderful views of​ the​ city. Also visit the​ Arch de Triomphe and the​ cathedrals of​ Notre Dame and Saint Denis as​ these are also very impressive to​ look at.

The city has many art features that are worth a​ visit if​ that is​ your interest. There is​ also plenty to​ do in​ the​ ways of​ excursions within and away from the​ city as​ well as​ a​ relaxing cruise up the​ River Seine.

Paris is​ quite possibly the​ best place in​ the​ World to​ shop for top quality fashion. the​ Champs Elysee is​ the​ main shopping area. it​ has huge shopping malls,​ perfumeries and entertainment venues. it​ is​ possible to​ find almost any designer brand in​ Paris. the​ city has a​ number of​ flea markets that offer a​ nice alternative to​ the​ main high street shops.
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