A Guide To Traveling LonDonthrough Kings Cross Station

For visiting London,​ proximity to​ King’s Cross is​ the​ perfect location. an​ intersection of​ six tube lines,​ including the​ Northern,​ Picadilly,​ and Circle Lines,​ to​ name a​ few,​ can get you​ virtually anywhere from King’s Cross. King’s Cross is​ also a​ train terminal,​ in​ the​ case that you​ are planning to​ visit the​ north of​ the​ UK. But let’s not get off track and get back to​ seeing London via King’s Cross. London,​ the​ cultural melting pot that it​ is,​ offers amazing and varied shops of​ anything you​ could desire. Located near the​ major shopping zones of​ London,​ both commercial and artisan,​ King’s Cross is​ a​ convenient place for a​ shopping tour in​ London. the​ city is​ also a​ magnet for great and creative minds,​ as​ is​ well known by all the​ thinkers,​ writers and artists who both came to​ and from London. the​ wide range of​ museums and galleries reflects this intellectual breeding ground,​ and again,​ King’s Cross is​ a​ skip,​ hop and a​ jump away from many of​ these world-class museums. Less conventional tours to​ start from King’s Cross could include a​ round of​ the​ city’s parks,​ exploring the​ wide web of​ the​ tube itself,​ or​ the​ nearby nightlife hotspots. So,​ whether it’s shopping,​ rich culture,​ or​ any fun explorations that you’re after,​ King’s Cross will guide you​ there quickly and efficiently.

For the​ shoppers! Have an​ early and hearty breakfast (you will need the​ energy) and put yourself on​ the​ Northern Line,​ heading for Camden Town,​ where you​ will find open air markets selling art,​ crafts,​ clothes,​ accessories and much more. It’s best to​ spend time here in​ the​ morning,​ as​ the​ area isn’t the​ safest at​ night. After you’ve stocked up on​ original craft gifts at​ the​ market,​ head back to​ your hotel,​ drop them off,​ and back on​ the​ tube! Via the​ Picadilly Line,​ head towards Covent Garden,​ a​ famous indoor market,​ and the​ surrounding area,​ full of​ boutiques,​ shops,​ and nice cafes. This picturesque market makes a​ nice lunch stop,​ with some cozy restaurants nearby. Picadilly Circus comes next: very commercialized,​ with many well-known brand stores. Picadilly is​ a​ fun place to​ return to​ at​ night,​ as​ the​ lights and pubs draw partiers to​ them like moths to​ the​ flame! Head on​ to​ Knightsbridge to​ see the​ world famous Harrod’s Department store. After this detour,​ it’s on​ to​ Oxford Circus to​ join the​ crowded throng admiring and buying the​ riches of​ Oxford Street,​ which is​ equivalent to​ New York’s Fifth Ave,​ a​ street of​ fancy department stores interspersed with chic shopping boutiques. if​ your spending needs are still not satiated,​ check out other markets,​ such as​ Portobello,​ or​ just by walking through London,​ you​ will find hidden gems of​ stores throughout the​ city. If,​ however,​ Oxford Street sums up the​ shopping day nicely for you,​ head back into the​ Oxford Circus tube,​ and the​ Victoria Line will conveniently take you​ right back to​ King’s Cross.

For the​ culture seeker,​ you​ will start your day heading in​ the​ opposite direction of​ the​ shopper. Head south on​ the​ Picadilly Line to​ Russell Square,​ and just a​ few blocks south of​ the​ shady square is​ the​ British Museum. After your explorations,​ you​ may also enjoy Covent Garden for its history and theater – check out the​ listings as​ they may draw you​ back in​ the​ evening. Nearby is​ Trafalgar Square,​ home of​ the​ National Gallery. From here,​ continue on​ to​ Green Park,​ and gasp at​ the​ size and beauty of​ Buckingham Palace. Changing of​ the​ Guard takes place nearby,​ so check the​ season’s schedule if​ you​ are interested. Slide down the​ Jubilee Line to​ Southwark,​ and enjoy the​ neighboring Tate Modern and Globe Theatre. Make your way back north of​ the​ river to​ Tower Hill,​ and explore London’s Tower. Take the​ Circle line back to​ King’s Cross to​ conclude the​ cultural loop.

the​ adventurer who wants to​ learn the​ city by randomly coming across the​ interesting things may enjoy traveling from park to​ park,​ always great for people watching and discovering the​ wide variety of​ London’s inhabitants. Regents,​ Hyde,​ Green,​ and St. James Parks are the​ main ones,​ each with distinctive personalities. the​ Tube itself is​ extremely interesting,​ and it’s worth reading the​ entertaining advertisements of​ the​ tube,​ listen to​ some talented and not-so-talented musicians,​ pick out who the​ tourists are and who the​ natives are… the​ tube can be really enjoyable during your voyage. Take advantage of​ being in​ this unique London sub world! King’s Cross is​ also nearby to​ Leicester Square and Picadilly,​ both popular night out areas. or​ try traveling round Circle line and seeing how many pubs you​ can manage to​ stop at… after which,​ see if​ you​ manage to​ find your way back to​ King’s Cross on​ this concentric line!

King’s Cross,​ recently made famous through Harry Potter’s platform 9 ¾,​ is​ more than a​ fictitious train platform. It’s a​ station that literally will get you​ anywhere in​ London (and beyond) very conveniently. if​ you’re visiting London to​ shop,​ to​ learn its culture,​ or​ just to​ explore it​ for face value,​ King’s Cross is​ the​ best starting and ending point. you​ will get to​ where you​ need to​ go quickly,​ and at​ the​ end of​ the​ long day,​ you​ won’t have to​ wait long to​ be back at​ your London home,​ sweet home.
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