8 Tips For Traveling With Your Dog

Just because you​ have a​ dog doesn’t mean you​ have to​ stay home all the​ time. if​ you​ plan ahead and take a​ little care,​ it​ is​ easy and fun to​ travel with your dog.

Here are some tips to​ make the​ trip easier on​ both you​ and your pet:

1. Get your dog used to​ riding in​ the​ car by taking him on​ short trips. Go to​ fun places like the​ dog park,​ the​ fast food drive through (where you​ can feed him bits of​ meat from your burger),​ or​ to​ visit friends. you​ want him to​ think that trips in​ the​ car are fun. you​ don’t want your dog to​ think that all car trips end up at​ the​ vet’s office.

2. If your dog tends to​ get carsick,​ don’t feed him the​ morning of​ the​ trip. Having your dog travel with an​ empty stomach will help to​ prevent any car sickness.

3. Bring plenty of​ water and a​ water dish along. you​ will need to​ give your dog periodic drinks of​ water when you​ stop for a​ rest. it​ will be easier to​ get your dog to​ drink if​ it​ is​ familiar water from home. Water in​ different places often smells or​ tastes differently,​ and your dog may not want to​ drink it.

4. Be sure to​ pack your dog’s food,​ treats,​ favorite bed,​ toys,​ and leash.

5. If your dog uses a​ crate,​ bring that along too. if​ you​ don’t have a​ large vehicle,​ you​ can buy crates that fold up. When you​ get to​ your destination,​ you​ can put your dog in​ his crate while you​ go somewhere that you​ can’t bring him along.

6. How should your dog travel in​ the​ car? Some dogs like to​ sit or​ lay on​ the​ seat,​ so bring a​ blanket to​ protect the​ upholstery. Other dogs may need to​ be kept in​ a​ crate in​ the​ car. Be sure the​ crate can’t slide around and scare the​ dog while you’re driving. you​ can also purchase dog seat belts to​ keep your dog safe while sitting in​ the​ car.

7. Make a​ stop every few hours to​ walk your dog and give him some water. Some dogs are frightened by the​ noisy trucks driving by,​ so try to​ walk in​ a​ quiet area. Be a​ good citizen and bring plastic bags along to​ pick up the​ mess.

8. If your dog is​ anxious about staying in​ a​ hotel or​ strange house at​ your destination,​ he might not eat or​ drink. you​ don’t want him to​ get dehydrated,​ so be sure to​ get him to​ drink,​ at​ least. you​ can mix chicken broth or​ gravy into the​ dog’s water. That will usually get him to​ lap it​ right up. you​ can mix chicken broth or​ gravy into the​ food too.

The first trip will be the​ hardest,​ because your dog will not realize that you​ are coming back. With the​ first trip behind you,​ if​ you​ have taken the​ time to​ make sure it​ is​ pleasant for your dog,​ future traveling with your dog should be a​ breeze.
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