7 Tips For Travel Trips

We love taking trips,​ whether it’s a​ short road trip,​ or​ a​ longer trip by air to​ some distant exotic place. But all too often we fail to​ plan for our trip and the​ result is​ frustration and annoyance.

1. For road trips,​ get the​ right maps and plan your route thoroughly. Everything won’t go exactly to​ plan,​ but at​ least you’ll have much fewer nasty surprises.

2. Never,​ ever make a​ joke about bombs or​ terrorists near security at​ an​ airport. Many people have jokingly mentioned they have a​ small bomb in​ their case as​ their luggage is​ being inspected. Later at​ the​ police station they deeply regretted their stupidity.

3. Be immediately suspicious in​ airports,​ railway or​ bus stations when someone bumps into you. it​ may be a​ pickpocket. Also be aware if​ something is​ spilled on​ you,​ or​ a​ spot on​ your clothing is​ pointed out to​ you. These things are designed to​ distract your attention from what is​ really going on: the​ theft of​ your valuables.

4. While cruises make planning easy with their all in​ charges,​ there is​ likely to​ be many extra items that you​ should budget for. These include,​ taxes,​ surcharges and fees,​ tipping,​ drinks,​ some shore excursions,​ shopping purchases,​ etc.

5. the​ most obvious thing to​ check on​ before setting off on​ a​ foreign trip is​ the​ state of​ the​ local weather where you​ are going. you​ don’t want to​ arrive in​ a​ tee shirt if​ it’s snowing,​ or​ in​ a​ fur coat if​ it’s in​ the​ 90s.

6. When travelling with children bring along recent photos of​ each one. if​ a​ child gets lost,​ the​ photo will prove invaluable in​ helping to​ locate the​ child again.

7. a​ trip to​ a​ theme park will suffer from a​ lack of​ careful planning. Some parks are so big that planning is​ essential. Get a​ list of​ all the​ rides and a​ map of​ the​ park,​ as​ well as​ opening and closing times,​ before setting off.
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