7 Tips For Couples Before Travelling

In a​ life that is​ dictated by routines,​ vacations and travelling is​ a​ thing that helps keep us sane. the​ idea of​ taking annual leaves regularly makes a​ lot of​ sense. the​ last thing any of​ us want,​ on​ his or​ her travel,​ is​ a​ non-compatible travel partner. if​ you​ are on​ your own,​ traveling with a​ friend or​ looking for a​ travel companion,​ a​ few tips might help you​ from having a​ trip to​ hell. Here are seven tips for traveling as​ a​ couple:

• Decide upfront why you​ are going and what you​ want to​ get out of​ the​ trip.

• Money has the​ potential of​ destroying the​ best of​ friendships,​ let alone create problems if​ your travel companion is​ a​ mere acquaintance. Its best to​ decide what,​ where,​ and how much you​ will be spending on​ mutual expenses.

• Prepare a​ tentative itinerary; places you​ want to​ visit,​ things to​ do and time to​ be spent at​ each location.

• Travelling with some one has benefits,​ but even then,​ you​ should get sometime to​ yourself. Make allowance for time that each will be spending on​ their own.

• Every one enjoys different aspects of​ travel. It’s good to​ figure out each others preferences before getting stuck together on​ a​ rather costly trip. Some of​ us are night people while others can’t keep their eyes open after dark. Some like everything decided and planned,​ others are more spontaneous. Some like to​ indulge in​ the​ culture while others prefer to​ immerse in​ the​ sights only. Make sure you​ and your companion share some views,​ if​ not all,​ regarding travelling.

• Unless you​ are a​ 100% sure about the​ person you​ are travelling with,​ pack some earplugs,​ they can be a​ life line during an​ otherwise sleepless night.

• Have an​ open mind & a​ generous heart. Give the​ other person some space & make the​ most of​ your solo time as​ well. Have fun and keep it​ enjoyable for both.
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