5 Tips For Business Travelers In Moscow

With over 10 million residents and a​ rich and fascinating history,​ Moscow is​ the​ center of​ Russia's economic,​ cultural,​ and educational landscape. as​ a​ result of​ the​ country's steady economic growth and virtually unlimited potential,​ an​ increasing number of​ multinational corporations have set up shop in​ Moscow,​ bringing an​ unprecedented number of​ business travelers to​ the​ city. Yet the​ city's size and complexity,​ combined with the​ country's unique language and culture,​ make Moscow hard to​ navigate for foreigners. Here,​ then,​ are some tips to​ help ease the​ way for business travelers.

1. Carefully Choose Your Accommodations

Where you​ choose to​ stay can make the​ difference between a​ successful and a​ disastrous business trip. Your best bet is​ to​ select a​ business class,​ fully equipped,​ serviced apartment rental in​ Moscow. a​ short term rental will provide you​ with familiar Western comforts,​ while giving you​ access to​ the​ equipment you​ need (like Wi-Fi Internet; a​ computer printer,​ scanner,​ and fax; and free local calling) to​ stay connected and get the​ job done. Many come with a​ fully equipped kitchen and a​ washing machine,​ which will help you​ settle in​ and concentrate on​ the​ business at​ hand.

When selecting Moscow rentals,​ be sure to​ look for rentals in​ the​ upscale Arbat area of​ Moscow,​ within the​ Garden Ring Road. This is​ a​ very safe area,​ and one that is​ close to​ supermarkets,​ embassies,​ stores,​ restaurants,​ financial institutions,​ and nightclubs. Furthermore,​ unless you're fluent in​ Russian,​ choose to​ work with a​ company that is​ Western owned and operated. an​ English-speaking staff will go far in​ ensuring that your stay in​ Moscow goes smoothly and is​ stress-free.

2. Getting through Passport Control

When you​ arrive at​ Domodedovo International Airport or​ Sheremetyevo 2 International Airport,​ it's easy to​ become overwhelmed by the​ lines and procedures at​ passport control and customs. the​ best serviced apartment rental companies can also arrange for full airport VIP services,​ Fast Track check in,​ and business lounge access.

3. Visa Registration

Russia has very strict regulations for foreigners visiting Russia. Not only do you​ have to​ register upon your arrival in​ Moscow,​ but if​ you​ visit other cities,​ you​ have to​ register there as​ well. if​ you​ are staying in​ a​ short term rental,​ the​ Western company that manages the​ rental should be able to​ assist you​ in​ complying with the​ myriad visa requirements.

4. Airport and Train Transfers

Many business travelers are overwhelmed by the​ logistics involved in​ going to​ and from Moscow's airports and train stations. There are four major airports and nine train stations in​ the​ city,​ as​ well as​ the​ world's most extensive Metro system. Although it's possible to​ negotiate Moscow's transportation system on​ your own,​ it's much less of​ a​ hassle to​ book an​ airport or​ train station transfer with the​ Moscow rentals company you​ select.

5. Taxi and Transport Services

Whether you​ need to​ get around Moscow or​ are going to​ one of​ the​ many popular tourist destinations in​ Russia,​ it's important to​ select a​ reliable taxi and transport service. Again,​ it's helpful to​ be able to​ rely on​ Westerners,​ who can arrange for you​ to​ book an​ hourly taxi.

With the​ right planning,​ business travel in​ Moscow can be both productive and enjoyable.
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