5 Diabetes Travel Tips

5 Diabetes Travel Tips
Planning ahead when you​ travel reduces stress. ​
This is​ particularly important for a​ diabetic. ​
These 5 diabetes travel tips are simple to​ implement and​ crucial to​ your diabetic management. ​
They are particularly important if ​ you​ are traveling abroad.
1 Have a​ pretravel checkup. ​
Make sure your A1C blood sugar levels; your blood pressure and​ your cholesterol levels are OK. ​
Get the​ appropriate shots for any country you​ plan to​ visit.
2 Wear a​ diabetes medical ID. ​
Ideally it​ should be in​ the​ language spoken in​ the​ country youre visiting. ​
Not everyone speaks your language and​ you​ dont want medical problems through misunderstandings.
3 Keep your medication and​ glucose snacks in​ your handluggage. ​
Checkin baggage does,​ unfortunately,​ go astray. ​
Dont risk your diabetes medication by packing it​ in​ your main luggage.
4 Keep your medication in​ its original box,​ complete with pharmacy labels. ​
it​ will prevent misunderstandings about why you​ are carrying ​Drug​s and,​ if ​ you​ are on​ insulin,​ syringes.
5 Be aware of​ time zone changes,​ especially when altering your watch. ​
Remember when you​ travel east your day becomes shorter; if ​ you​ travel west your day becomes longer. ​
you​ may need to​ alter the​ timings of​ your medication.
Traveling need not be traumatic. ​
a​ sensible attitude and​ a​ bit of​ pretravel planning can make things go far more smoothly.
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