3 Little Known Tips To Saving Money On Beach Vacation Travel

Here’s a​ really simple way to​ save on​ beach vacation travel. We are going to​ show you​ 3 ways to​ save you​ some bucks when booking your next beach vacation. the​ beach is​ an​ incredible experience. No matter whether you’ve traveled to​ far western Australia or​ taken a​ quick weekend trip to​ the​ Jersey Shore,​ barring rain,​ the​ beach is​ usually a​ really enjoyable experience. We’ve taken trips all over the​ world we’ve missed giant opportunities of​ money savings that were seemingly all around us if​ we had just taken the​ time to​ do a​ little extra research. Well,​ you​ are in​ luck. the​ travel research has been done for you,​ all you​ have to​ do is​ be willing to​ keep reading. Before you​ know it,​ you’ll be taking the​ beach vacation of​ your life,​ for a​ steeply discounted price. Here we go:

1) Buy it​ used. Well,​ not really used: more like discounted (or unused actually). Sometimes,​ people can put their vacation opportunities up at​ real discounts. Did you​ know that there are all sorts of​ people out there who own time shares but can’t use them for various reasons? Maybe the​ season isn’t right,​ or​ they can’t seem to​ get the​ flight that they need. Ebay has a​ thriving market for timeshare opportunities. a​ lot of​ the​ listings are permanent (e.g. people looking for others to​ buy their times shares out completely),​ but sometimes people are just looking to​ monetize a​ weeks worth of​ timeshare that they can’t seem to​ use themselves. Their loss can be your opportunity. Ebay is​ an​ auction,​ and the​ highest price wins usually.

2) Compare everything. Guess what? Expedia and Orbitz seem like they are juggernauts of​ internet travel and they control a​ lot of​ the​ market. BUT,​ they don’t have every vendor available. a​ lot of​ the​ discount airlines like SouthWest and JetBlue don’t use either of​ these massive companies and you​ can only get their deals by going directly to​ their website. Don’t’ tell anyone,​ but from what we’ve heard JetBlue is​ supposed to​ have really nice seats and monitors on​ new planes with really good prices. We haven’t used JetBlue ourselves yet,​ but it’s supposed be really good (especially at​ delivering good value on​ Northeast to​ Florida routes). That tip alone could save you​ some bucks while getting you​ a​ really nice flight.

3) the​ first 2 points are perfectly valid in​ any trip planning but almost worthless when you​ consider that you​ might have to​ shell out a​ lot more bucks for destinations abroad. There is​ a​ beautiful beach state located not too far from anyone East of​ the​ Mississippi. That’s right. Florida. Florida is​ back and it’s beaches are still fantastic. Florida is​ still beautiful. There has been a​ lot of​ development of​ Florida during the​ last 50 years,​ but Florida is​ still a​ massive state with plenty of​ undiscovered beaches. the​ state of​ Florida can be great if​ you​ know where to​ look. It’s pretty nice. Trust us….the undiscovered spots of​ Florida can really be something else. However,​ they are becoming more and more difficult to​ find as​ thousands of​ people move to​ Florida every month.
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