20 Tips For Being Productive While Traveling

20 Tips for Being Productive While Traveling
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For many mortgage professionals,​ frequent travel is​ a​ way of​ life. ​
a​ big concern of​ frequent travelers is​ how to​ remain productive without access to​ the​ normal resources. ​
Sometimes,​ that first trip leaves you​ feeling like a​ fish out of​ water. ​
Especially if ​ you​ didn’t anticipate your customer’s needs. ​
But with each new journey,​ you​ will learn more ways to​ function efficiently. ​
With a​ little planning,​ you​ can make your time away transparent to​ those you​ communicate with daily. ​
Here are a​ few tips to​ make it​ happen
1. ​
Make a​ list of​ the​ things that need to​ be accomplished before your departure. ​
Rate locks,​ file submissions,​ or​ any other critical appointments should be handled before you​ leave.
2. ​
Contact processors,​ loan officers,​ underwriters,​ and​ other individuals to​ let them know you’ll have limited availability from _____ to​ _______.
3. ​
Signup for an efax or​ other electronic fax service that will allow you​ to​ view,​ send,​ and​ receive faxes over the​ Internet. ​
This will allow you​ to​ function just as​ if ​ you​ were in​ the​ office. ​
4. ​
Make a​ resource list for the​ things you​ will need to​ do while away. ​
Include phone and​ fax numbers,​ website addresses,​ access codes,​ and​ passwords. ​
Store this data on​ your pc,​ phone,​ or​ both.
5. ​
Make a​ copy or​ scan an image of​ documents you​ may wish to​ reference while away. ​
This will allow you​ to​ stay on​ top of​ the​ most important issues.
6. ​
Save important letters,​ forms,​ and​ files to​ a​ jump drive,​ a​ CD,​ or​ email them to​ yourself so that you​ can access them as​ needed. ​
Convert documents that you​ would normally fax to​ a​ PDF format so they can be emailed but not altered.
7. ​
Check the​ quality of​ your cell and​ laptop batteries. ​
Get new ones if ​ you​ will be without access to​ electricity to​ recharge for long periods of​ time. ​
Be sure to​ pack your chargers as​ well.
8. ​
Add a​ wireless card to​ your laptop if ​ it​ does not have one already. ​
Although your hotel may have their own Internet café,​ these rooms are sometimes crowded or​ have limited hours of​ availability. ​
if ​ the​ hotel charges for linking to​ their wireless network,​ if ​ may be cheaper to​ purchase a​ wireless connection card through your cellular service provider.
9. ​
Pack an Ethernet cord and​ a​ phone cord. ​
This will allow you​ to​ get online no matter what type of​ connectivity your hotel has. ​
You can log on​ to​ AOL or​ some other network.
10. ​
Take a​ phone card as​ a​ backup. ​
it​ may come in​ handy in​ areas where your cell phone signal drops. ​
Used in​ conjunction with a​ cell phone,​ you​ can eliminate hotel phone charges altogether.
11. ​
Pack pain reliever,​ antacid,​ and​ cold medicine just in​ case. ​
if ​ you​ have to​ buy these things on​ the​ road,​ they’ll cost double what they normally do.
12. ​
Download audio files to​ an Ipod,​ mp3,​ or​ CD. ​
Music or​ motivational audios may be just what you​ need to​ balance your day. ​
You can also listen to​ a​ replay of​ a​ training session.
13. ​
During your trip,​ incorporate as​ many of​ your normal activities as​ possible. ​
Continue to​ exercise. ​
Drink plenty of​ water and​ eat right. ​
Take your vitamins. ​
Keep in​ contact with family and​ friends. ​
Let them know what time to​ call you.
14. ​
Plan your day before going to​ your daily meeting,​ training,​ or​ appointment. ​
This will allow you​ to​ make the​ most of​ breaks,​ lunches,​ or​ other dead time.
15. ​
Make use of​ the​ special features on​ your phone. ​
Text messaging and​ Internet access can be a​ lifesaver when you’re on​ the​ road.
16. ​
Get the​ scoop on​ your hotel’s amenities in​ advance. ​
The last thing you​ want is​ to​ have trouble connecting with your customers and​ your team because of​ limited resources. ​
Go online to​ the​ hotel’s corporate website for a​ virtual tour. ​
You might also check out ratings and​ feedback on​ Hotels.com. ​
Ask lots of​ questions.
17. ​
Take along a​ healthy snack and​ a​ bottle of​ water or​ two. ​
if ​ you​ experience a​ flight delay or​ get stuck in​ rush hour traffic,​ you​ won’t be bothered by hunger or​ thirst.
18. ​
Pack as​ light as​ possible. ​
Pulling heavy luggage plus a​ laptop through the​ airport is​ no joke. ​
Choose a​ jacket that will get you​ through the​ week. ​
Bring a​ pair of​ dress shoes that go with everything and​ a​ pair of​ sneakers or​ sandals for down time. ​
Your feet will thank you. ​
Switch up your shirt/blouse with a​ basic pair of​ pants/skirt. ​
Take travel size toiletries instead of​ full size ones to​ make more room in​ you​ luggage. ​
And for the​ ladies leave some of​ your hair artillery,​ fragrances,​ and​ makeup at ​ home. ​
This stuff alone can take up a​ full piece of​ luggage. ​
You’ll look just as​ good with the​ bare essentials.
19. ​
Initiate contact with your customers and​ team members early in​ the​ day while you’re away. ​
This will allow you​ to​ deal with challenges or​ concerns at ​ a​ time when it​ is​ convenient for you. ​
Otherwise,​ you​ may find yourself bombarded with phone calls and​ emergencies that could have been avoided had you​ made contact earlier.
20. ​
Be realistic. ​
There is​ no way that everything is​ going to​ be perfect when you’re away. ​
if ​ it​ were,​ then no one would need you​ in​ the​ first place. ​
Take care of​ the​ biggest priorities. ​
Give training and​ guidance before you​ leave and​ then delegate as​ many projects as​ you​ can. ​
Make a​ plan to​ take care of​ other things within the​ first few days of​ your return.
When you​ plan your business trip well,​ you​ will feel far less pressure and​ frustration. ​
it​ allows you​ to​ focus on​ the​ real purpose of​ your trip. ​
You might even have the​ opportunity to​ get the​ rest and​ relaxation you​ find difficult to​ squeeze in​ at ​ home. ​
So,​ don’t fret about your next trip. ​
Think more about how it​ will enhance your business and​ rejuvenate your mind and​ body. ​
Happy traveling!
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