12 Easy Tips To Guarantee Stress Free Group Travel

If you​ are planning to​ go on​ a​ group tour,​ there are lots of​ things you​ can do to​ make the​ trip fun and enjoyable for yourself and for your fellow travelers. Here is​ a​ great checklist to​ get you​ started.

1. Pack a​ small bag to​ carry along on​ the​ bus.
While your main luggage will go in​ the​ designated area of​ the​ bus,​ you​ should pack a​ small carry on​ the​ bus. This will be handy for snacks,​ books to​ read,​ and other accessories you​ may want easy and quick access to.

2. Don’t’ forget your camera. And once you​ have packed your camera,​ don’t forget to​ take pictures! I know that sounds obvious,​ but I always get so caught up with the​ sights and sounds that I actually forget to​ take pictures! (Duh!)

3. Get a​ collection of​ great jokes,​ riddles,​ and experiences to​ share with the​ group! And it​ only takes one joke to​ get the​ rest of​ the​ group going! We had a​ great time sharing riddles,​ and jokes and laughing all the​ way to​ the​ next rest area.

4. Take along some great movies. Many tour busses have DVD players. at​ least ours did. Find out in​ advance and if​ it​ does,​ rent some great movies for “en route” entertainment” . Be sure to​ pick a​ variety of​ movies,​ such as​ cartoons if​ you​ have kids in​ your group,​ action movies to​ keep the​ teenagers engaged,​ and perhaps documentaries or​ family drama’s for the​ adult crowd.

5. Take along some great music CD’s. Many group tour busses also have CD players. We played our favorite and enjoyed group singing. Perhaps you​ can organize an​ “on the​ road” karaoke contest for your group.

6. Don’t’ forget your medicines. This is​ essential. Perhaps this should be at​ the​ top of​ the​ list,​ but be sure to​ keep all necessary medications close to​ you​ in​ the​ carry on​ bag you​ take on​ the​ bus.

7. Pack a​ small pillow for sleeping comfort. if​ you​ are like me,​ a​ moving vehicle and a​ well cooled environment is​ an​ open invitation for a​ good snooze! to​ boost sleeping comfort I took along a​ small pillow,​ and had a​ good nap between rest stops! the​ group leader has the​ photo’s to​ prove it! His “hobby” was collecting photo’s of​ sleeping travelers! Maybe I will post that picture here! (Not)

8. a​ blanket may be necessary. Those tour buses can get COLD!!! My blanket came in​ very handy.

9. Binoculars. if​ your tour involves outdoor sightseeing,​ a​ pair of​ binoculars is​ a​ must.

10. Bathing suites. Most hotels have swimming pools. This is​ a​ wonderful “treat” for kids who behaved nicely while traveling all day! And if​ you​ will be anywhere near a​ beach…you’ve got to​ take a​ dip!

11. Don’t forget your passport. if​ you​ are traveling internationally,​ you​ will most likely need a​ passport. Be sure to​ make copies of​ the​ passport and other important travel documents and keep them in​ a​ safe place!

12. Don’t forget you​ Airline tickets. This may seem obvious,​ but it​ has happened before. Thank goodness most airlines are switching to​ e-tickets,​ so this may soon be thing of​ the​ past. After all,​ there are enough other things we have to​ remember.

13. BRING a​ BIG SMILE! Smiles are contagious! And most of​ all… they are FREE!
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