10 Tips When Traveling By Car With Children

With the​ rising costs of​ airfares and the​ increasing time it​ takes to​ get through security at​ the​ airports; more and more families are deciding to​ travel by car for their vacation. Most of​ us with young children are returning to​ the​ days we grew up in​ where we traveled most places by car with our parents.

We started asking other friends for how they make the​ trip go easier and how they beat the​ "Are we there yets?",​ here's ten tips to​ help your car vacation go a​ lot easier:

1. Decide do your kids do better in​ the​ early morning or​ evening hours for traveling? Which ever it​ is​ plan your travel to​ match,​ for this us our kids don't travel well in​ the​ morning they do much better if​ we leave after 2:00pm and travel into the​ evening.

2. Stock your car with favorite pre-bagged snacks for everyone,​ even parents,​ a​ cooler with lots of​ water and favorite drinks,​ colored pencils,​ crayons,​ a​ few coloring books,​ sticker books,​ travel games,​ and a​ travel journal for older kids.

3. Take along Gameboys & games,​ personal CD/cassette players (even for little kids),​ and you​ can get books on​ tape from the​ library.

4. Do consider a​ portable DVD player,​ this makes 5 or​ 6 hour a​ day seem like 2 hours. it​ also cuts a​ lot of​ the​ unnecessary stops as​ the​ kids are involved in​ the​ movie playing.

5. to​ avoid the​ difficulty of​ hauling in​ a​ suitcase for every person into a​ hotel for the​ 1 night stops. Pack a​ 3 day bag into which each person contributes 3 days worth of​ clothes. This way you​ take one suitcase of​ clothes in​ every three days.

6. Do pack a​ lightweight table cloth for outdoor lunch stops along the​ way.

7. Be sure to​ take the​ digital camera you'll create lifetime memories.

8. Do get postcards from every major destination along the​ way.

9. All kids are different but in​ general don't drive as​ far as​ the​ adults can go in​ one day,​ try to​ keep car travel to​ a​ 6 to​ 8 hour range of​ time.

10. Don't fill the​ inside of​ the​ car to​ the​ brim causing less space for the​ kids,​ instead consider a​ car topper for safe keeping of​ your belongings.

Have a​ great family vacation.
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