10 Time Tested Tips For Traveling With Toddlers

Traveling with toddlers can be torture.

New sights and sounds can be overwhelming to​ a​ young child and vacation excitement can quickly turn into temper tantrums if​ you're not prepared.

Here are 10 parent-practiced tips to​ help make traveling with toddlers fun.

1. Choose a​ family-friendly destination. Skip the​ crowded tourist destinations and opt instead for a​ locale that is​ accustomed to​ having kids around.

2. Safety first! Always make sure your child's car seat is​ properly secured. Also,​ use a​ removable window shade to​ help block the​ sun.

3. Pack entertainment. "Best bets for entertaining your child in​ the​ car and hotel room include favorite books,​ games and toys,​" says Nancy Wolpert of​ Nickelodeon Home Entertainment. For all-inclusive entertainment,​ she recommends two new DVDs that feature a​ collection of​ kids' favorite TV shows. "The Nick Picks and Nick Jr. Favorites DVDs will keep them entertained for hours,​" Wolpert promises.

4. Plan rest stops. if​ you're driving,​ break up the​ monotony by stopping every couple of​ hours (or more frequently if​ necessary). Kids need to​ stretch out after being cooped up in​ a​ car for a​ while. Consider bringing along a​ ball to​ kick or​ throw around during these breaks.

5. Be flexible. Set realistic expectations and let your child soak up the​ experience at​ his or​ her own pace. you​ might want to​ limit your activities to​ one a​ day. Otherwise,​ you​ could wind up with an​ over-stimulated toddler.

6. Bring water and plenty of​ snacks. Fruit,​ granola bars,​ mini juice cartons and small boxes of​ cereal make for great,​ healthy snacks.

7. Bring a​ beloved item. a​ blankie or​ cuddly toy will help your toddler feel safe and secure. Be sure to​ have a​ replacement on​ hand,​ too. it​ will save you​ some heartache should the​ original get lost.

8. Start and end your day early. Kids are at​ their best in​ the​ morning,​ so plan accordingly.

9. Stick to​ your routine. Eating,​ napping and playing at​ the​ same time each day may be all your child needs to​ feel comfortable in​ a​ new environment.

10. Take lots of​ pictures. They're only young once,​ so enjoy every moment! - NU
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