Your Pets And Arthritis

Arthritis is​ the​ term used in​ both human and veterinary medicine to​ describe any type of​ joint inflammation. Several types exist,​ including rheumatoid,​ degenerative,​ and infectious arthritis,​ each having a​ different cause. Infections,​ autoimmune diseases,​ trauma,​ and certain drugs,​ such as​ sulfa antibiotics,​ can promote joint inflammation.

The clinical signs associated with joint disease are basically the​ same. Stiffness or​ lameness involving one or​ more limbs is​ often the​ most obvious sign of​ a​ joint problem,​ usually aggravated by cold weather and/or exercise. New medications and surgical techniques have been introduced in​ the​ treatment of​ canine joint disease.

Osteoarthritis,​ or​ degenerative joint disease,​ describes the​ condition in​ which a​ cartilage defects or​ erosion occurs. it​ can be inherited but is​ usually a​ part of​ the​ normal aging process in​ older dogs. Infectious arthritis is​ caused by bacteria that gain entrance to​ the​ blood stream causing inflammation in​ one or​ more joints. Bacteria from the​ gums,​ periodontal disease,​ or​ Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease can cause damage to​ the​ cartilage and joint structure.

Rheumatoid arthritis is​ an​ autoimmune-related disease seen frequently in​ toy breeds. Caused by an​ overactive immune system,​ antibodies coalesce within the​ joints causing inflammation. Fever and depression are also features of​ these diseases. Hip dysphasia refers to​ a​ hereditary arthritic condition which begins as​ a​ partial dislocation of​ the​ hip joints. in​ time the​ cartilages lining the​ joint surfaces wear down because of​ abnormal strain on​ the​ joints.

The key to​ lessoning the​ effects of​ any form of​ arthritis is​ early detection and treatment. Your veterinarian can prescribe antibiotics,​ immunosuppressive drugs,​ nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs,​ as​ well as​ vitamins and supplements,​ and even cortisone if​ needed. the​ real key is​ you​ and your observations to​ your veterinarian.
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