Why 80 Fail In MLM Online Business

Eighty percent of​ the​ people in​ online business fail because they quit. This is​ a​ well known fact. This article is​ written to​ help those who have the​ ability to​ succeed to​ do one thing and one thing only: not quit.

I have found that there are many leaders out there who are giving up to​ soon in​ online business. Often I'm puzzled as​ people who in​ the​ beginning say: "I'm with you​ all the​ way Don,​ even to​ the​ end,​ I know I'll never quit." But then six months or​ six days,​ or​ six hours later you​ get an​ email from your MLM that this person is​ no longer a​ member of​ your organization.

Well,​ first off,​ you​ don't go chasing after the​ person,​ because as​ well noted speaker and author Jim Rohn has stated: "Just say,​ isn't that interesting?...and don't go chase the​ birds because when you​ do that you​ leave the​ field!"

However,​ this article is​ written to​ those with genuine people,​ sales,​ or​ communication skills,​ who are quitting without giving themselves a​ chance from the​ start.

Since this article is​ written for potential birds,​ my urging to​ you​ is​ don't fly away before you​ see your ocean view penthouse or​ your 2018 Corvette! Write down your dream,​ and then stick to​ it​ like glue,​ and do as​ Johnny Wimbrey,​ up and coming incredible motivational speaker says: "Make it​ your Must."

So many people get into online business thinking that it's going to​ be get rich quick. Perhaps they should title get rich quick schemes "get rich quit." Because it's really true that the​ guys at​ the​ top of​ most scams are getting rich quick while you​ quit after investing your money. It's a​ vicious cycle. One that must be obliterated and dealt with.

So,​ how do you​ know if​ you​ should stay with your current MLM online business or​ if​ you​ should quit? Number one,​ if​ you’re not sure of​ your company or​ stability,​ perhaps you​ have a​ good reason to​ quit. But for the​ 90% of​ you​ out there who are sold on​ your company or​ opportunity,​ I have one message: Don't quit!

The online opportunity I'm involved with has over 20 years of​ online experience,​ and they were the​ first affiliate program ever offered online,​ so they have quite an​ immaculate background. But,​ even though that's true,​ it​ still takes me "work" to​ make it​ happen. Greg Ankeny,​ one of​ the​ top health company MLM leaders has been quoted as​ saying: "I went to​ work."

That's the​ problem and herein lays the​ solution. Most people quit MLM's because they are not willing to​ go to​ work or​ to​ keep on​ working. Comments like: "Oh,​ this is​ too hard,​ and oh,​ I didn't know I'd have to​ talk to​ people,​ are running rampant in​ MLM. Yes you​ have to​ talk to​ people,​ yes you​ have to​ follow your companies marketing plan,​ to​ the​ tee,​ doing everything your leaders tell you​ to​ do,​ and then you​ may just end up getting rich!

The internet today keeps making it​ easier and easier to​ market your online business,​ but yet it's amazing when you​ look at​ the​ statistics that fewer than 5% of​ those who join MLM's actually ever advertise online! Isn't that interesting? Even with the​ advent of​ cheap or​ low cost free ads,​ forums,​ pay-per-click advertising,​ and much more,​ people are still afraid to​ step out and just let others know about their site. That's just crazy!

So how do we stop this nonsense?

It's easy; I need all of​ you​ out there who are in​ an​ MLM,​ or​ looking for an​ MLM home business,​ to​ do three things. Number one never quit. Number two; find an​ online business that you​ love. Number three,​ when things get tough in​ your home business,​ I want you​ to​ remember the​ accomplishments in​ your life. For example,​ did you​ ever win an​ award for selling something,​ did you​ obtain a​ diploma your proud of,​ and did you​ win the​ Congressional Medal of​ Honor?

Just simply thinking of​ your prior accomplishments in​ life may indeed help you​ to​ hang on​ to​ this awesome MLM online business opportunity you've been blessed to​ participate and succeed in. in​ conclusion,​ my hope and prayer is​ that someone will read this article that is​ about to​ quit their MLM,​ or​ who needs a​ stable MLM home business,​ and they will make the​ choice to​ do one thing: Never quit. Ever.

Then I want you​ to​ write me and let me know what happens. in​ addition to​ never quitting I want you​ to​ follow the​ instructions of​ your upline leaders to​ the​ tee,​ without inventing your own tangents,​ and then keep going with your company for three to​ five years.

It just might be after that amount of​ time where you​ "go to​ work" you​ may become financially free,​ and better yet,​ you​ may be involved with your MLM for life and your family may never have to​ worry about money again. Never forget what happened to​ a​ friend of​ mine Joel Buchfeller of​ Excel Telecommunications. He enrolled one guy names Al,​ on​ his second level,​ which made him an​ income for the​ rest of​ his life. He never fell below a​ $5000 per month income,​ and most of​ the​ time it​ was two or​ three times that. So don't give up,​ because you​ never know when you're going to​ find your "Al" who enrolls under you!

So please,​ take my advice,​ and don't quit. Remember your prior accomplishments,​ and in​ the​ words of​ our Lord,​ please remember that: "With men this is​ impossible,​ but with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26. if​ you​ know you​ belong with your MLM company,​ stick with it,​ and who knows,​ you​ may be the​ next online business internet millionaire,​ and you'll be the​ one all of​ us are listening to​ for advice. Never quit.
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