What These Online Business Women Wish They Had Known

Recently I had the​ opportunity to​ interview two successful online business women. Both of​ them are targeting the​ natural family living market and had some great advice to​ share. We discussed some of​ the​ things we did right,​ and some of​ the​ things we did wrong in​ the​ past year in​ our businesses. This information is​ extremely valuable to​ a​ woman who is​ just starting out so I'm going to​ share the​ highlights with you​ now.

The List

Firstly,​ one thing that was outlined is​ the​ importance of​ building a​ list sooner rather than later. So many people who launch a​ website decide to​ start collecting email addresses from their visitors as​ an​ afterthought,​ as​ a​ way of​ generating additional revenue once their site is​ established. But after hearing several online business owners express regret that they waited to​ collect emails and as​ a​ result lost out on​ a​ lot of​ income,​ I now am convinced that offering a​ newsletter or​ ecourse is​ a​ top priority for anyone as​ soon as​ they publish their site.

If a​ newsletter sounds intimidating,​ try a​ 5 day ecourse instead. or​ simply place an​ opt in​ box prominently on​ your site,​ preferably on​ every page,​ that offers something valuable to​ your visitor in​ exchange for their contact information. Then when you​ are ready to​ begin sending out a​ newsletter,​ you​ already have subscribers. the​ fact is​ that the​ majority of​ people who come to​ your site will not buy anything from you. But if​ you​ get permission to​ contact them again,​ the​ chance of​ them eventually becoming your customer or​ at​ least buying something through your affiliate link is​ very good.


The second thing these ladies agreed on​ is​ the​ importance of​ focus. Don't get distracted in​ your business and start launching new websites if​ they don't fit into your overall business plan and meet the​ needs of​ your target audience. We only have so much time in​ a​ day and only so much energy. Getting involved in​ too many site projects means that our "bread and butter" websites will not get the​ attention they deserve. That might mean that you​ need to​ sell a​ website or​ two to​ develop a​ laser tight focus. Doing so can actually boost your profits fast.

Never Be Content With Your Content

The third thing these women were doing right is​ by providing their target market with excellent and informative content. Content that kept their readers coming back for more,​ that kept search engines happy,​ and that sold their products for them. These women were constantly adding valuable content to​ their site,​ newsletter,​ autoresponder and blog.

Great content also serves as​ a​ kind of​ business partner for you,​ drawing media and potential joint venture partners. in​ addition to​ writing their own content for their websites and blogs,​ they also purchased high quality private label rights articles and used that to​ create additional content for their virtual real estate empires.

The interesting thing about a​ successful online business is​ that although it​ takes focus,​ work and dedication,​ it​ really isn't rocket science! the​ principles are actually quite simple to​ implement. you​ just have to​ be armed with the​ right information.
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