What Does Nascar And Starting An Online Business Have In Common

What Does NASCAR And Starting An Online Business Have in​ Common?
Can you​ possibly imagine a​ NACSCAR driver not being able to​ make a​ decision? What if​ he couldn’t decide whether to​ go high or​ stay low when trying to​ pass another car? Maybe he is​ thinking,​ I’ll wait till the​ next lap .​
Or the​ next,​ or​ maybe whenever.
So what does all this have to​ do with starting a​ business online? Or even offline? I​ suggest,​ just about everything .​
If the​ driver cannot make a​ decision to​ pass another car,​ how in​ the​ world could he possibly even think about winning the​ race? If you​ are thinking about starting an​ online business,​ but all you​ do is​ procrastinate and never get it​ done,​ how do you​ expect to​ have a​ successful business?
The point and I​ am sure you​ get it​ by now; you​ have to​ make a​ decision and do something if​ you​ expect things to​ change .​
You cannot just think,​ Well,​ I​ want to​ start a​ business but I​ don’t know how .​
If you​ have that mindset,​ you​ will never have a​ successful online business that will make you​ the​ money you​ want,​ let alone have a​ business.
Making a​ decision is​ not hard to​ do .​
After all,​ you​ did decide to​ get out of​ bed this morning didn’t you? If you​ really desire to​ attain independence,​ you​ only have to​ set your mind on​ it,​ and do whatever it​ takes .​
Select the​ business in​ which you​ are the​ most interested .​
In order to​ succeed,​ you​ must do the​ thing that is​ of​ greatest interest to​ you,​ not one for which you​ would simply settle .​
When you​ are on​ your right path,​ you​ must persevere .​
Never waiver and never have too many irons in​ the​ fire .​
Whatever you​ do,​ do it​ with everything you​ have,​ with all your might.
Like the​ NASCAR driver,​ make your decision right now to​ pass those,​ including yourself that hold you​ back .​
Charge ahead and race for the​ checkered flag.
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