Web Hosting Options For Online Business

Once you​ have registered your domain,​ it​ is​ time to​ look for a​ home for your future Web site. Before you​ build your site,​ you​ should find a​ hosting company that is​ right for your business. Hosting has become inexpensive in​ the​ past few years. if​ you​ spend more than fifteen dollars per month,​ you​ are spending too much.

Most small businesses should host their sites with a​ hosting company as​ opposed to​ hosting in​ house. Hosting in​ house requires and it​ staff and expertise. it​ is​ expensive,​ and it​ will never be as​ reliable as​ a​ professional hosting solution. There are so much that could go wrong in​ your business,​ don’t add another headache to​ your already hectic schedule. Let the​ pros do it​ for you.

Shared – the​ most popular option for small business is​ shared hosting. Web servers running as​ shared hosts can house several hundreds of​ Web sites. it​ is​ a​ great way to​ get your domain online and save.

Pros – Shared accounts are inexpensive. Quick and easy set up.

Cons – Limited bandwidth,​ shared IP address,​ limited storage,​ slower server response,​ more crashes,​ limited support,​ resource limitation

Price – Could be as​ low as​ a​ few dollars per month.

Dedicated – High traffic web sites require high performance dedicated hosting servers.

Pros: Dedicated servers are all about contraol. you​ are in​ full control of​ the​ server. you​ can customize it​ any way you​ like. you​ can only blame yourself if​ your web site becomes unavailable! Because the​ server is​ dedicated to​ your site,​ your site will load quickly. it​ is​ ideal for high bandwidth use such as​ streaming video. Freedom to​ install any program you​ wish without restrictions.

Cons: More expensive than shared hosting.

Cost: Several hundred dollars to​ several thousands of​ dollars depending on​ specific needs.

Colocated Hosting

A very similar concept to​ dedicated hosting with one major difference. While you​ rent a​ server with a​ dedicated hosting account,​ you​ own the​ server with a​ collocated account. Instead of​ renting the​ server,​ you​ rent the​ rack space. the​ collocation service provider provides you​ a​ connection to​ the​ Internet and optional support. you​ pay a​ fee for maintenance and bandwidth.
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