Want To Make Money Online Market A Service To Businesses

Don walked across the​ street from his house to​ mine to​ announce he had finally retired. "But I'm not ready for the​ golf course,​" he said. "I want to​ make a​ living on​ the​ Internet. What can I sell?"

This is​ a​ question many of​ us struggle with as​ we see money,​ freedom,​ and a​ bright future for those who manage to​ find their niche online. you​ may have tried to​ sell something from the​ Internet only to​ find it​ is​ difficult to​ get visitors to​ your web site and even harder to​ get them to​ buy.

The biggest hurdle is​ simple: most folks are trying to​ sell products to​ consumers. That's not where the​ money is. it​ is​ a​ more daunting task than most realize.

Only one percent of​ retail sales happens on​ the​ Internet. Even though selling to​ consumers should be gargantuan one day,​ we have a​ long way to​ go before the​ majority of​ people are placing orders the​ Internet way.

Instead,​ sell something to​ businesses. While consumer sales amounted to​ many billion last year,​ business-to-business purchases vaulted to​ a​ whopping ten times that much. Clearly,​ if​ you​ want the​ easiest path to​ tapping into the​ landslide of​ Internet cash,​ sell a​ product or​ service needed by business.

So,​ you​ say,​ I should sell a​ product to​ businesses? Not exactly. Most products need to​ be sold in​ large volumes by many distributors before they turn a​ profit. Chances are the​ product you​ sell is​ also being pushed by hundreds or​ thousands of​ other affiliates. in​ the​ end,​ many business buyers will simply click to​ the​ main corporate site to​ make their purchase.

Your best bet for starting a​ small Internet business and earning a​ living online is​ to​ sell a​ service to​ businesses. Unlike products,​ it​ is​ hard to​ mass produce a​ service. Most service providers find their competition is​ relatively thin. This is​ especially true if​ you​ provide a​ very specialized service or​ do your job in​ a​ particular way that is​ hard to​ duplicate. Because services require time spent by an​ experienced expert,​ rates can be high,​ especially for business customers.

But I'm not an​ expert in​ anything people on​ the​ Internet would want to​ buy,​ you​ exclaim. Not true.

Sit down with a​ pen and jot down all the​ things bosses have paid you​ for during your work career. Add to​ your list things you​ have done on​ your own time that friends,​ neighbors,​ or​ co-workers have felt were valuable.

Which of​ these things could be sold on​ the​ Internet? if​ you​ kept books for a​ business with twenty employees,​ you​ can sell your bookkeeping service to​ the​ vast number of​ small Internet businesses who don't have the​ time or​ expertise to​ manage their growing firm.

If you​ produced your church newsletter for several years,​ your desktop publishing and editing skills could fill the​ hot demand for people who can write and publish e-messaging campaigns,​ web sites,​ and print newsletters. Best of​ all,​ a​ writer/editor deals in​ pure information which is​ easiest and cheapest to​ deliver over the​ Internet.

My neighbor Don decided his skills from a​ career in​ law enforcement would be hard to​ sell on​ the​ Internet. But he knew lots of​ things businesses needed and he had a​ list of​ town residents who could fill those needs.

If you​ don't readily have a​ service you​ can sell to​ business,​ find someone who does. Many in-demand people don't know how to​ market themselves on​ the​ Internet or​ haven't the​ time to​ try. Represent their service online and take a​ commission for each sale.

Put up your own web site with some articles business customers will find helpful. They can do double duty,​ showing you​ know plenty about your line of​ work.

Post testimonials from satisfied customers or​ other experts in​ your industry. to​ get full impact,​ be sure to​ list the​ person's full name and the​ name of​ their business or​ city they live in.

Offer to​ send customers and prospects a​ monthly update via email. Include brief updates on​ important developments in​ the​ industry. Mix in​ three line ads promoting your service.

Selling a​ service to​ business is​ your least-expensive way to​ get started making money online. it​ is​ also the​ quickest way to​ tap into the​ huge amounts of​ money traveling from business to​ business.
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