Using Online Video Can Help Increase Your Business Profits

Marketing is​ a​ business necessity wherein tools and technology innovations are utilized to​ increase a​ business’ profitability. the​ relatively new online video technology is​ one technology example that can be harnessed to​ increase profits and even possibly lower marketing costs.

Now that video can be attached to​ almost any web page,​ the​ possibilities of​ using video as​ a​ marketing technique (in the​ same manner of​ television) is​ slowly but surely gaining ground.

- Research on​ the​ phenomenon of​ communication retention show that people remember only 10% of​ what they have read and 20% of​ what they hear; however,​ people remember more than 50% of​ what they see and hear at​ the​ same time – just like watching a​ movie.

- Marketing analysts report that companies that currently use on-demand video,​ video e-mail or​ streaming video podcasts have reported sales increases of​ close to​ 25%,​ sometime more. the​ increase in​ client response is​ attributed to​ the​ fact that multimedia rich content is​ a​ better catalyst to​ move and/or persuade clients towards buying a​ product or​ service because they can see its benefits in​ action.

- as​ far as​ online viewers are concerned,​ video builds credibility and trust. it​ is​ very similar to​ having a​ live person communicating to​ the​ end-user/client the​ benefits of​ doing business with somebody that they can see and listen as​ opposed to​ something that they read online. Customer rapport,​ trust and a​ mutually fruitful business relationship is​ much more easily established and achieved.

- Sending personnel to​ various locations at​ the​ same time to​ set up a​ product demonstration invariably entails a​ long list of​ additional expenses. Doing the​ same using online video,​ streaming video or​ on-demand video obviously lowers the​ costs significantly. Lower product marketing costs results into more profits for the​ company.

- Cost of​ savings is​ not limited to​ product marketing costs. Video can also be used to​ set up conferencing and training methods,​ locally and internationally. Live conferencing and training can be easily set up and synchronized between two or​ more groups of​ people,​ regardless if​ they are at​ different time zones,​ at​ the​ same time.

The above are only a​ few of​ the​ dollar related reasons why the​ emerging technology of​ online videos is​ fast becoming an​ effective marketing and
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