Understanding Reiki Therapy

Understanding Reiki Therapy
Reiki healers are divided into three levels of​ therapy practice through attunements. ​
The Reiki therapy teacher normally conducts a​ ceremony in​ which the​ teachers attach their hands in​ a​ proper position together with the​ symbol.
The Three Levels
The Reiki healers I ​ usually learn the​ basic hand positions and​ the​ sacred symbol and​ they can perform the​ direct healing over the​ others.
The Reiki II healers can teach the​ symbol of​ symbols and​ hand position in​ order to​ practice distance or​ absentee healing. ​

The Reiki III healers can make a​ commitment on​ the​ outside universal power and​ further. ​
The stage three teachers are the​ highest stage. ​
The lower ranks call them as​ master teacher.
Keep in​ mind that Reiki is​ not a​ type of​ religion,​ healers establish a​ five spiritual code attributes. ​
Here are those principles
• Just for today do not worry.
• Just for today do not be angry.
• Honor your parents,​ teachers,​ and​ all the​ elders.
• Learn how to​ earn your living honestly.
• Be kind to​ your neighbors and​ in​ every living thing.
What are the​ risks in​ Reiki healing?
Reiki therapy healing is​ about working on​ a​ positive force that will only works for good without violating the​ human will. ​
a​ patient has the​ capability to​ block the​ energy flowing in​ his body,​ but he cannot be harmed in​ any way. ​

Reiki is​ used for conjunctions with the​ Western medicine or​ homeopathy; the​ therapy does not ask the​ patients to​ change it​ religion or​ points of​ view in​ life. ​
The therapy is​ only develop to​ help.
The fact that Reiki healers regard themselves as​ an energy channels,​ they may feel a​ warm,​ tickly sensation in​ their hands during the​ therapy treatment. ​

But the​ therapy do not cause any harm to​ the​ patient but the​ healers do not promise to​ heal their patient at ​ a​ very short span of​ time.
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