Understanding The History Of Reiki And Its Many Benefits

Reiki healing is​ growing in​ popularity around the​ Western world. the​ word "Reiki" is​ Japanese and means "Universal Life Energy." a​ Japanese theologian named Dr. Mikao Usui founded the​ Reiki healing system at​ the​ end of​ the​ last century. He discovered the​ ancient healing system after studying Sanskrit texts in​ a​ Buddhist monastery. Though the​ texts revealed the​ knowledge needed,​ Dr. Usui still had to​ undergo three weeks of​ fasting and meditation before receiving the​ healing empowerment of​ the​ Reiki system.

An American woman named Hawayo Takata brought the​ Reiki system to​ the​ Western world. Takata was cured of​ a​ tumor at​ a​ Reiki clinic in​ Japan,​ and then totally dedicated her life to​ Reiki. She was trained by a​ Japanese master named Dr. Chujiro Hayashi. During her life,​ Takata created 22 Reiki Masters to​ carry on​ the​ methods.

Channeling Healing Energy

Reiki is​ best known for being used as​ a​ channel for energy to​ provide a​ safe healing method. it​ promotes good health and well being and can be experienced by people of​ all ages,​ whether in​ good health or​ stricken by illness. By replenishing a​ person's life force energy,​ their body's immune system can be strengthened. This helps the​ body in​ its fight against disease. a​ Reiki healer channels energy to​ a​ welcoming receiver. the​ person receiving Reiki experiences a​ warm,​ relaxing feeling in​ their soul,​ mind and body. the​ experience is​ just as​ much spiritual as​ it​ is​ physical.

Benefits of​ Reiki

Reiki healing offers many benefits. it​ is​ often used for stress management and to​ help the​ body fight and prevent sickness. as​ Reiki energy is​ channeled to​ an​ individual,​ they can relax and relieve their stress. This helps the​ person feel better and think more clearly. the​ more Reiki energy they can receive,​ the​ better they will feel. When a​ sick or​ stress-prone person receives Reiki,​ their body becomes free to​ help itself become healthier than ever. Other benefits of​ Reiki include healed relationships,​ finding one's Divine Purpose,​ manifesting life goals,​ awakening the​ healer within,​ cleansing the​ body from toxins,​ enhancing creativity,​ and many others.

To offer so many benefits,​ Reiki is​ surprisingly gentle and nurturing. it​ is​ not a​ harsh medical treatment,​ but can be far more powerful for the​ individual who opens their mind,​ heart and soul to​ the​ process wholly and freely.

How it​ Works

After an​ initiation to​ Reiki,​ called Reiki Attunement,​ and learning about Reiki symbols,​ the​ individual is​ introduced to​ Reiki energy through several methods,​ including crystals and crystal healing,​ drumming healing,​ meditations,​ and other stress management techniques.

Even many modern chiropractors,​ psychotherapists,​ medical doctors,​ psychologists and other medical professionals are beginning to​ realize the​ benefits of​ Reiki. More and more people are tapping into Reiki energy to​ experience a​ fuller,​ healthier life.
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