Two Online Payment Processing Options For Home Businesses

Do you​ want your home business to​ accept credit cards online? However,​ you​ are not sure where to​ start? Obtaining a​ merchant account is​ easy if​ you​ know what to​ look for and know what you​ want for your business. if​ you​ own a​ home business,​ don’t feel alienated by the​ need to​ accept online payments. Here are 2 online payment options that may be worth researching for your home business.

PayPal is​ an​ online payment option available for all businesses that have a​ PayPal merchant account. PayPal is​ a​ great way for businesses to​ “test the​ waters” without having to​ pay overhead or​ make a​ long commitment. Additionally,​ they only charge on​ a​ per transaction basis. Pay Pal makes it​ very easy for businesses to​ apply for an​ account. Also,​ they provide tools to​ help implement the​ online payment option on​ your web site.

PayPal is​ a​ trusted name in​ online payment options and a​ very popular form of​ payment. Your customer would click a​ button on​ your web site to​ pay. Your customer will then enter their credit card information on​ PayPal’s web site. Then your customer is​ taken back to​ your site after the​ payment has been processed.

Another online payment option is​ to​ have a​ merchant account. Merchant accounts allow you​ to​ accept all types of​ credit cards. the​ big benefit to​ having a​ merchant account is​ that you​ can accept major credit cards as​ a​ form of​ online payment and the​ entire shopping experience takes place on​ your web site.

Having control of​ the​ entire shopping experience provides many benefits to​ your business. I believe the​ best benefit is​ that your client does not leave your web site. There is​ less chance of​ the​ shopping process to​ fail and you​ do not have to​ worry about out site technologies that are not in​ your control. Another major advantage is​ that all the​ data is​ in​ your data base and available for your use. you​ can have custom reports developed to​ analyze the​ data and use for your advantage.

Having a​ merchant account may require a​ contract period of​ 6 months to​ a​ year and there is​ also an​ approval process involved. Depending on​ the​ bank that maintains your merchant account,​ you​ may be required to​ pay minimal fees each month. Even if​ you​ do not sell any products during this time you​ are almost guaranteed to​ pay a​ minimum payment to​ the​ bank. in​ my opinion an​ online merchant account is​ optimal if​ you​ plan on​ building your business. However,​ you​ should know the​ costs and commitment when you​ apply for one.

If you​ are not sure about what route to​ take your business,​ you​ may want to​ start out with a​ PayPal account. a​ PayPal account does not require a​ contract and there is​ no approval process to​ get started. Once you​ have decided that accepting credit cards is​ beneficial to​ your business,​ then apply for a​ merchant account and build for the​ long term.
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