Turn Your Talent Of Photography And Love For Pets Into Profit

Turn Your Talent Of Photography And Love For Pets Into Profit!
Most households in​ North America own at​ least one pet,​ and most people care for their animals as​ much as​ they would for their own child .​
People spend thousands of​ dollars a​ year on​ their pets to​ pamper and spoil and them .​
If you​ enjoy photography and love animals just as​ much as​ their owners do,​ you​ could be making money by combining these two things into a​ rewarding business.
All you​ will need is​ a​ room set up as​ a​ studio,​ good quality cameras,​ lighting equipment,​ tripods and of​ course film .​
You could also have different back grounds and props to​ make the​ picture more interesting,​ or​ fit certain occasions .​
To get the​ best picture you​ will want to​ get down to​ pet level and use toys and treats to​ get the​ pets attention .​
When you​ get the​ animals attention,​ you​ should have a​ squeaky toy,​ or​ flash that will make the​ animal look strait at​ you​ and perk up it’s ears.
Since cats are particularly hard to​ get to​ cooperate,​ you​ will want to​ schedule longer appointments for them in​ order to​ become comfortable around them .​
You should be knowledgeable in​ animal psychology and also a​ people person,​ since most pet owners will be present and a​ lot will want to​ be in​ the​ photographs with their pets.
If your photography skills aren’t the​ greatest you​ can take classes at​ your local community college to​ ensure you​ will be providing your customers with what they want .​
To attract customers you​ could make enlarged copies of​ some good pet photographs you​ have done and post them up at​ your local library,​ veterinary office or​ coffee shops .​
Make sure to​ include a​ phone number and your name so they can get a​ hold of​ you! you​ can also establish yourself by creating a​ small portfolio with pictures of​ your own pets,​ as​ well as​ the​ pets of​ family,​ friends and neighbors .​
You can then turn this into a​ flyer and distribute in​ people mail boxes .​
Of course you​ can always publish an​ add in​ the​ Yellow Pages as​ well .​
Offering weekend and evening hours will also attract more customers.
Most pet photographers charge a​ basic rate of​ $5 to​ $10 per person or​ animal and then charge between $40.00 and $175.00 per package of​ photographs,​ depending on​ the​ number of​ photos,​ number of​ poses,​ etc .​
you​ can also sell pet photos at​ art fairs for about $20 to​ $200 per picture (as long as​ you​ have written permission from the​ owner),​ or​ sell your pictures as​ cards,​ or​ note book covers.
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